Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day was the Best day ever! (this is Hannah's mom)

So mothers day was the best. and now I have to go. ha we went to the clinic again today. but no worries all is well and next week i PROMise to write a half decent email. So just know that i love you all so much! Yesterday feels soooooo surreal. our bishop was so cute. he was like well you can keep talking for another half hour if you want. Ha we had an awesome conference with elder waddell this week and i just love you guys so much! i love our family! have an awesome week!

 all my love.


Wearing my "best sisters" necklace given to me by my sisters before I left--wanted to show them I was wearing it.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Ha, so I will keep this quick. cambios. it was a real bummer when we got that news. But now I am here with Hermana Barahona. She is shorter than hna jiménez, I know that really is possible, and she is from Honduras. She´s cool so its all good. I also found myself thinking about Adam and Eve and the idea of companions. Because Eve didn't get to choose. And what if Adam was really a total jerk, or didn't have a good sense of humor or something, and you know Eve is stuck with him for all eternity. But from what I can see I think i'm pretty lucky that I get to choose my eternal companion. As for my mission comps, its always different getting to know someone new and starting your relationship over. But I feel like we will work really well together and I'm working hard to keep an 'eternal' perspective. because that helps me have patience. which unfortunately isn't really one of my strengths.
And then this morning I was also studying the atonement. and I thought about how the spirit works in so many different ways. And that the Lord really trusts us. One thing I am learning still is how the spirit communicates with me. Usually when I reflect back on my week I can pick out when the spirit was prompting me to do something because of the consequences. and lets just say that I've had a fair share of moments when I didn't listen. But this morning I just felt really blessed because I feel like God really trusts me and is helping me learn this lesson on how to listen when he is talking to me, and that if I can develop the habit of always acting instead of 'being acted upon' by my circumstances my days will be a lot better and the people I talk to can recognize me as a servant from God.

 And on a funnier note, I started teaching our taxi driver the first lesson on the way home from cambios. he ended up being a preacher in another church and is like way anti'mormons. It didn't end up that fun. well okay he just used a ton of words that I didn't really understand (because they weren't very nice) and I just went with the old Madagasgar penguin deal, and smiled and waved kinda. because then he charged me double. dumb taxis. okay yeah it really was funnier that it sounds.

 so have a good week. pretty pumped for mothers day.

 also other semi funny note. it kinda got cold one night, so i got way excited and pulled out my blanket that i brought. That super thin one, oh wait the only blanket i brought with me to perú! well last night i woke up at two in the morning because i was sweating so bad. So the weather is changing really really really slowly. and hopefully i lost some weight??? probably not.

 well, i love you soooo much!
Hermana Degn