Saturday, October 25, 2014

The week in which I flood our house...True story

So. let's just say that happened. Ha, basically the longer I have in the mission the more ghetto my housing gets. So how the story goes is that here after noonish we don't have running water. so one night I accidently left the sink faucet open.............. and we woke up the next morning to a waterfall coming out of the bathroom. maybe I forgot to mention the fact that the sink also doesn't have plumbing. as in there is just a hole in the sink that lets all the water out on the floor. So, um that's awkward. there was water everywhere. so now I am careful to not leave it open at night. haha you win some you lose some. But in the end, we just did some impromtu cleaning and listo. haha and now I'm used to the morning routine of filling up big buckets of water so that we have water at night. It's not all it's cracked up to be haha. also I'm pretty sure we live on an ant hill. and the key to our apartment basically never works. but on the up side our church is huge! and beautiful! and so far away! But I'll take it! We are out in Ancon dad. a little bit less than an hour out from puente. So basically we are out in the boonies. but we have the beach #winning. Look up playa hermosa. and that's where I am. But we only go there on p-days because no one really lives there until the summer.

And lets just say there is a lot of sand here. But a lot. I feel a lot like I'm on trek these days from my memories of the women pull. Cause here we are and the majority of our area is just people who built houses on the sand. You thought they would have been wise and built on the rock but nope. haha #churchjokes. #ikillmyself But it never even rains here anyways.
So you know, that's the area highlights. I love it. The work is moving and the church here is strong. I love it. also hna gutierrez is from Guyaquil uh, sorry I can't spell- But I'm really happy to finally have an Equatorian companion. sorry my spelling is really hopeless.
Anyways, things are going great. sorry that all my internet time just ended and I basically said nothing hahah i'm the worst. (it's because now the only form of communication I have is email since serpost is broken. hahah i need to keep up with my peeps-)
we really do work way hard for the récord. hahah I'll send pics soon!
Hermana Degn

Monday, October 13, 2014

The week in which I left Famesa...

So hello from Miramar. so. I moved. and it was way sad. Missions are kinda nuts. Last Monday night when I found out I was so sad. Seriously I couldn't even stop crying. mostly because I didn't want to leave hna Alonso and the family we were teaching. But then Tuesday, cambios were the best- Basically there were only two areas that I wanted to go to and one of them didn't have changes. So there was only one place I wanted to go in our mission. So there we are sitting in cambios and I'm just praying so hard to go to pt piedra. but so hard. And they start calling out the cambios for that zone, and I just knew it. I knew I was going to go there. and I did. It was the best. hahah I was sooo happy.

So now I am in Miramar with hermana Gutierrez. She's from Ecuador, she is beautiful and she is THE BEST. ha we were sooo excited in cambios. but really. there was just too much happiness to contain.

It's crazy how much everything changes in one day. packking was a little rough not gonna lie, but totally worth it. I love it here so much. I feel very overwhelmed because our area is sooooo huge but it is also so awesome. And there are six of us missionaries here in our ward. (because it's the best) and sidenote one of them is josh's friend, elder johnson. We are both from south jordan so that's what's up. #revelation

So basically i love it here so much. and we got right to work. This last week watched gen conf... you know us peruvians, we are just a little behind the times. But we had to watch it all in spanish because it wasn't live so we couldn't hook up a tv to be in english, which was kinda sorta a bummer. The translated version just isn't the same. Although I loved President Packers talk. That one seriously made conference for me. But it was cool sunday, we were talking after with one of our investigators who came and he said how he liked what the president said about following christ and being baptized and how he was excited to take that path in his life and change. Thank you President Monson. You are the man.

But really, follow the prophets, they know the way. and that is why I love this gospel
So you know life is good! have a great week! les quiero

hermana degn

 p.s. yo y hna alonso

y despues yo y hna gutierrez
 Bye Hermana Alonso!


Hello Hermana Gutierrez!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference? nope.

So not gonna lie, I haven't even heard women's conference yet. so General Conference was just too much to hope for. ha. but one of these day's we'll get it I think.

Sunday was elections day so we didn't even have church. Which makes me feel all out of sorts and like the week didn't even end buut here I am so I guess that's what's up. and this week we are going to have stake conference which will be fun, we'll see how that goes,
But this week was still awesome because we are teaching the best family ever! Cesar, Maria, Ornella, and Luciana. (luci turned seven this last week. ah sooo close to eight!hahah) but they all came to church this last week and they are literally the best. we had a lesson with them and Cesar prayed at the end that everything would go well the first of November at their baptism. #tearjerker

And we taught them fasting and they thought we had to fast every Sunday. and they said they would do it and then at the end it was like hey wait you only have to do it once a month and they laughed like ah really que facilito, haha they are too golden,

Also this week I discovered microwave eggs. my life has been made. Breakfast just got a whooooole lot better. Let's just say that I am living the life and when I can just eat a bowl of cereal again, wow, that will be the day. but until then I am loving scrambled eggs from the microwave. haha

Well, I sure love you all! until next week.
Also this week we did tons of random service projects.... like chopping wood with machetes. ha it was sweet. we did another one too where we took out nails of wood that was probably 50 years old. it was painful. I couldn't straighten my hand after for a solid hour, ha, and they turned out to be barrachos ha........ but it makes a good story.
Nos vemos allá
les quiero!

hermana degn


Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to eat fried worms...

Letter from September 29, 2014
So this week was packed. So much happened, and at the same time nothing happened. but really this week was packed. so first off Nelly.

Back story is that this was the last week to baptize for the month (obvio) but also for the cambio so we went lights out looking for someone to baptize Saturday and literally saw miracle after miracle. One of them being Nelly. An 80 year old woman who reminds me so much of Grandma Suzy. I think they are long lost soul sisters. Anyways, we found her Thursday and talked her in to getting baptized Sunday. ha she is a real hoot. She had tried getting baptized before buuuut couldn't do it so we tried it agin. With the same results unfortunately but man did we see miracles trying to get her to the font and giving our all to this work and to the Lord.
She is a fireball and after we celebrated with cake and kept telling her that the third time's the charm. So, we are going to try again the 25th. Hopefully, with better results then.

Sunday morning we were crazy stressed with trying to heat the font, going to her house to pick her up etc. etc. that we had no time to go and bring our investigators to church. and I was really so frustrated because we worked so hard this week! En serio! there was one day we left to proselyte at 8:30 in the morning! we are working more than 12 hours a day! and I just felt frustated that we were working so hard and nothing was coming out of it. But then, our cute family that we had found Saturday came to church! They also committed to be baptized for the first of November- We really just had soo many tender mercies of the Lord.

Ha we also commited someone on Tuesday to be baptized Saturday (he accepted) and then totally tried to avoid us! hahah so we literally stalked his house ALL day Saturday. no lie. haha We just sat out there and waited for his sister to come home, and then changed his baptisimal date because he wants to wait. But I feel like it was a good strategy.

haha Hna alonso and I have no shame and are sharing this message with everyone, and the Lord sure is blessing us as we do it!

les quiero!

Hermana Degn

 Our cute little lady friend enjoying cake!
 Fried worms...ick!
 I can't believe I ate this!...
...tastes like chicken.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The week in which we went to the beach...

So the annua service project of Clean the Beaches in Perú was a real hit. This year I think I took more pictures than cleaned but I still cleaned. and picked up lots of dead animals to group them together which was gross. but still a quality service project and we got to meet up with other fun missionary friends. All in all, it was a win-win situation.

We also had an awesome lesson with Chrismar who is going to get baptized to 18 with his mom. They are so funny. We live out of the city but it's still a city. just ugly and dirtier with more houses. and they live right smash in the middle of the main road of our area only with 7 dogs, four cats a ton of ducks, chickens and cuis. It is random. but they are really good people. anyways we finally taught more about Joseph Smith and asked him a question about if he had ever felt confused. he told us that he has always wondered about if there is a life after this and all that stuff so it was cool to see that we have really been able to teach people who are prepared and who are looking for the answers to questions of the soul.

We also taught a family in which the dad is Athiest. And it was such an interesting lesson. I felt like all of the questions that he had the answers are in the Book of Mormon but he has decided to not believe in God because no one has the answers. and even though it is going to be hard to get him to have faith again, it was a really cool lesson in which we really tried to help him see how real God is in his life. It was so interesting because it was also the first time in my whole mission that I have taught someone who wasn't catholic, so we really had to change how we taught.

Anyways. our week was great! we went and cleaned the beach, got lost #typical and met up with other missionaries and had a great time haha. and took plenty of pictures and made a cool video that sorry you'll have to wait another five months to see hahah!

 Have fun travelling the world! send me lots of pictures and postcards!

les quiero!
Sista degn
 We love cleaning the beach!!! Yay!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Love being a missionary in Peru!

So just a quick email to tell ya'll how our week went! it was good! definitely one of the harder weeks on my mission. We had two days that were so hard and we went through so much rejection and opposition. But I think the Lord was just helping us to get back on track with our focus to find families. and we had gotten off of that a little bit and have been now since that refocusing on what our purpose is to help families accept this gospel and become eternal.

So even though we had some rough days they were also filled with funny moments and small miracles. even if said miracles had nothing to do with missionary work haha. one day we left a house and I realized that I had lost my jacket, and I just got really sad a little worried because I knew that in 30ish minutes it was going to be really cold and we didn't have time to go back to the apartment and then we just kept walking around and contacting and went by a part of our area that we had been in earlier and found my jacket there on the side of the road. and I couldn't believe that it hadn't been stolen. so that was nice.

Anyways we are just working as hard as we can to find people to teach and then teach them according to their needs so that they can realize the great blessings that they can have.
But Sunday was oh sooo sweet because Angel blessed the sacrament for the first time and recieved a calling and it was so cool. He has just become a changed man since his baptism. Even though he had some hard experiences the other week and has been through a lot. The happiness that he has right now in his life is soooo contagious. I am serious. It really is so special to feel this pure joy to be a part in this work but even more than that to see others feel this joy too. I sure love this gospel.
So that you don't think that I don't laugh anymore...........
Hna Alonso and I practice magic tricks when we have to walk far to get to an appointment and I've got some killer tricks for you. We are also turning into expert stalkers even with the people who don't want to talk to us. ha look out rm's when I get back to byu hahah because I know how to find out where you live hahaha jk we are not that creepy. but almost.

ha just know that I am doing so great and that I am so glad that I can be a missionary here in perú!
have a great week!"

hna degn

 So adorable!  Blowing a Birthday kiss to my mom!
Thanks Hannah!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

So, this was a good week

Hello. Things went great this week! We had some interesting things happen. The best thing was that Victor got baptized! It was awesome because I have been teaching him for forever! his whole family are members but he's been soo set on not getting baptized. and then the week before hna barahona left he finally commited and took out his earrings and started really reading in the Book of Mormon and it was soo cool! It was so cute when he bore his testimony after and the baptismal service was really spiritual (which is SUCH a feat) I´m serious! but hna alonso and I put it together nicely. It was a great Saturday!

It was kinda sad because Oscar failed his baptismal interviews. turns out he's an escaped convict kinda deal and all his documents are false. #24601. So now he's just turned into a bit of an eternal investigator and we'll see what happens. he told us he'd do his best to get his parol stuff legalized so that he can get baptized. only that's not a real near future thing. hahah He really is awesome though. so maybe down the line..... so shawshake redemption. only lds version.
Right other higlights hna alonso is the best, our area is the best, our investgators are the best, our ward is the best, our mission is the best. hahah things are really rolling here.we had some amazing lessons last week that really left me blown away by the spirit and what we can do to teach with it.
Also there were a ton of catholic parties yesterday and everyone was drunk dancing in front of their huge saint statues! ha, pictures to come!
Les quiero!
Hermana Degn


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Work...September 1, 2014

So this week has flown by. My new companion is hna Alonso. and she is the BEST! but for reals. working with her this past week has been the best week of my whole mission. We had a great time and we saw some real progress in our investigators as well as a lot of moments where things just happened. We are just losing ourselves in the work and then at night party it up. hahah kinda sorta.
So hna Alonso is also from Honduras and she is amazing. really. but I only have ten minutes left so I will save my love story about her until next week and tell you about me week. We had a super super intense lesson with Oscar in which he told us he wanted to wait until DECEMBER to get baptized. umm no, I don't think so. So we went into beast mode and the lesson was so intense, basically we just kept saying no no no you have to get baptized the 6th and I basically thought he was going to kick us off. and then the member we were with just told him don't lose your time, you'll be condemned and then the spirit was there and we invited him again and he just told us he couldn't say no. It was so intense, and powerful, and insanely cool. So now he is scared to get baptized on any other day hahah

Also we had a mission conference (with the half of the mission that is in Lima) and we went to lima norte to hear from Obispo Davies (of the presiding bishopric) that was so cool. Basically we got to hear the testimony of presidente Uceda. who is the president of our area. he is from Perú and we were in the church where he got baptized (sidenote it also happens to be the only church I have ever SEEN that isn't gated..... ha I didn't quite know what to think) (other sidenote we also were a long way away from our mission #fieldtrip #pitucaso) Basically I have never felt the spirit so strongly as I did when he bore his testimony and challenged us to be like HIS missionaries. supposedly we were going to have this conference with Elder Christofferson or Anderson but being there with President Uceda was one of the most spritual moments of my life where he taught us how as a missionary we need to give our investigators a fair chance to gain their own testimony. It was incredible listening to him. I didn't want it to end. And that is short was my week! i loved it, i love hna alonso, and i love being a special witness to my savior Jesus Christ. I know that he lives and I know that he works through his living profets. and I am grateful that every single day I have the great blessing of testifing of his great work.

les quiero!

hna degn



Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another one bites the dust!

So this week angel got baptized and it was the best! He was soo cute and so excited. and after he was just sooo happy. So it was a good good weekend. He has been ready to get baptized for a while now so I was glad we got to do it before hna barahona left. Although last Wednesday we told him that she was leaving and he almost started crying and it got real sad. But the good news is that he is the best! and that I love him so much. and that this week was sooo beyond stressful but that is okay cause his baptism was the best. And he is soo happy that now he can recieve the priesthood. #btd
I had a great last week with hna barahona. she left in style. and last night I was in the offices with everyone who was leaving including good old Elder Aubrey. so I can't really believe all my friends are going home. but I am so grateful that I still have six months to be a missionary in Perú. I have never been so grateful to not be going home in my life. hahah
So it was a roller coaster of a week with a roller coaster of a week still to come. I need to see who will be my new companion and I really really hope that I don't have a cambio. so let's just pray for that. That I get to stay in famesa for another change-
even though this morning when we left the offices hna Archibald told me that the changes were always just sooo exciting. well. we'll see if I still believe her Wednesday haha
Well, all in all, it was sad saying goodbye to hna barahona. Three transfers is a long time to be with someone and yet, I find myself wishing that I had one more with her to help her more and do what I should have done better. But tomorrow I will have a new companion to start all over with. and I am excited for that.

Les quiero!
Hermana Degn


Friday, August 22, 2014

Helllo family!

Helllo Family…
So. we live right out front of a false church did i tell you? this is us listening to their crazy screaming that goes on all night long....... we have a good time. Basically it always strenghtens my testimony listening to the crazy preachers.

so cambios are next week... and pres already told me that I will be staying here so we'll just have to wait and see who will be my new companion next Tuesday.... all that remains it to live it up this last week with hna barahona and to not get tooo trunky.. so put money on my account so we can eat pizza! and so i can help her pay to take her luggage home.....

Right, besides that things are still going great with Oscar. seriously he is so golden I can't even believe it. like wait are you sure that you know the book of mormon is true? cool. me too. so we are working so that he can get baptized the 6th. it'lll happen

So besides that we are working real hard to find families. and it's hard. because no one here is married. But yesterday we found a family of three!!! and we have a cita with them tonight so i am really excited for that!

And in other news my sweaty hand syndrome has gone wild. hahaha, this week randomly my hands just started peeling like crazy! and I lost all my skin. so I've been starting to use lotion like crazy. but it was super funny and kinda painful. but i would shake people's hands and they would leave with my skin. #awkward

This week I was reflecting a lot on the year I have had as a misisonary, I burned a shirt to mark the year mark, flimed a video, ate cheesecake, and made some goals that are going to make me stretch in the six months I have left. I also reflected alot about why I came on my mission and the book of mormon. This week I am reading in alma, and well I finished up in mosiah, but one of the things I wanted when I left on my misison was to develop a love for the book of mormon. and as I was reading this week I felt it. A deep love for the book of mormon, and a huge sense of gratitude that I get to be here serving a mission in Perú. and that I have had this book my whole life. I have always always alwyas loved reading. But this weekend I really recognized this sense of love as I was reading the book of mormon. and that is what makes this last year the best year of my life.

We also did a service project and took down two walls. I was so sore for like three days, but I got to use that killer drill you see in the background here.... it was entertaining to say the least, and I almost passed out but in the end I just worked really hard and realized how totally out of shape I am.
So that's whats new in famesa. Les Quiero!
Hermana Degn



Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's been one year since you looked at me...August 11, 2014

Well, the song goes something like that haha
So I'm hitting the big one year mark this week.... which basically blows my mind. like a lot. ha I've learned a whole lot but I know I've got a lot lot lot more to learn. So good thing I still have six months left to learn everything else. haha

So it's been a whirwind of a week I guess you could say. We had a zone conference. we ate pollo a la brasa! super delisicious peruvian pride right there. and that basically sums it up.

It went by so fast that I feel like I don't even know what to write home about haha. sorry that seems to be such a reoccuring problem.

Basically this week I learned what a completo is. The pride of chile. It's a hotdog, with chopped up tomatoes with avacado. and it is ssooo good. I don't know if it was the fact that I haven't eaten pig in so long that the hot dog tasted so good or if it was beause it was the first microwave meal that has had so much success but it was soooooo good. But really. I loved it. I am a fan.

Besides that Hermana Barahona has two weeks left in the mission that are going to be full of surprises. she is a hoot, so we will she how it goes. She's excited to go home and I'm excited to have six months left..

 And my time is guess what I love you all???? like a lot!!! and I got letters this week which was the best. so thanks. Our outing this week as a District #peruvianpride



These boots were made for walking...August 4, 2014

...and that's just what I've done!  They're worn out!
so. we had a stellar week. Dad, sorry that this week went by a little bit slower with more hospital trips than normal but things here in Lima are moving!

So first off. This week was just really amazing. But really. Hands down it was the best week of my whole mission and I am so excited for what hna valladares and I are starting to do together. sidenote you should look up the island Chiloe. that's where she's from and where I am going to take all my future summer vacations! But really.

So the quick version.

Oscar. he is the brother of a member. so his sister told us to visit him. (he is like 60years old p.s.) so we called him, ended up being super lost so he came and picked us up. Well we taught him really quickly and he told us how he was given a Book of Mormon AGES ago and that he just started reading it two weeks ago because he wants to stop drinking. And we talked about coming to church and getting baptized and he just told us me parece maravillosa. best day.

Charon. She has been going to another ward with her prima but we found her this week and she is sooo prepared to live the gospel. She has been through a lot of hard things and has cancer but this week she really opened up to us and wants to be baptized.

Bruno. we taught him about the restauración and he just told us about how he used to always pray but that he hasn't in a long time but that he wants to re-direct his life-

Victor. the grandson of a memeber menos activa who has so many amazing questions. And huge diamond earings. But he is awesome. He loves learning about God and what it is that he has planned for him.

Fanny, Jose, Fran, Xandron and Jossely. they are the best. So maybe five years ago Hna
Jimènez and I talked to them and did a noche de hogar with them but nothing really happened. Fanny was super un-impressed and that was it. Then one time Hna Barahona and I were walking by their house and they were outside so we asked them if we could visit them again. Then last week Hna Valladares and I were out contacting and two families rejected us like hard core. Then we saw a family of five walking so it was like hey they are the ones. and it was Fanny. Well this time her husband said we could come by. And our lesson with them was awesome! the only problem is that Jose works traveling so he is almost never home, and Fanny is really catholic but she came to church! Miracles are happening here.

I am learning so much about trusting in the spirit and teaching boldly. Hna Valladares is sooooo bold. en serio. she is incredible.

Right so the funnier moments- Well yesterday I went with a married couple to teach. It was such a dream because the hermano drives a moto so we didn't even have to walk! and we taught bruno, and at the end when we teach about praying the hermana told him he could recite padre nuestra. WHAT THE HECK. talk about face in palm. I was drying. so then I explained it again. That that was not praying. hopefully he got it.

Also, last night we were talking about ways to relieve stress and then in my dream said a bunch of things like no, we need to set a goal so that after five years of marriage we can have a prize. something like that. in spanish OBVIOUSLY. hna valladares this morning was really excited to hear about my dream. which i couldn't remember para nada. well this really has nothing to do with this week nor is it really funny, i just wanted to remember it in three years from now when i am reflecting on my mission and i'm a lousy journal writer here (too much pillow talk) so i am just trying to make this letter home count hahaha. It was a good moment. really i am only sharing a tenth of the story. it was mint.

also pictures! because it's cold here. well mostly at night. Also I need new shoes. but I am kinda mostly super proud of me because I know I have never used one pair of shoes sooooo many times.....

Les Quiero!

Hermana Degn


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Feliz fiestas patrias!

So today is the birthday of Perú! So it's a good thing that it's p-day because everyone is drunk........but anyways we are doing greeeat. The trio is coming along--even though it is really different. I really love Hermana Valladares a lot and am glad she is our companion. Also, now I really want to go and visit Chilé. Perú hates Chilé and Chilé hates Perú so I feel like I've been brainwashed into thinking Chile is some horrible plave buuuut now I am really really excited to visit one day.
So this week was good. We set a goal at the beginning as a district that each companionship would have 8 nuevos. and we worked so hard this week and did a lot of divisions to work more with members and we found 12 new people to teach! Which was awesome because about half of them aren't married..... #storyofmylife

 So besides that the elders in our ward baptized a family, President Archibald came to our consejo de barrio and he LIKED IT (i'm quoting the sandlot there..... and YOU LIKE IT......) right before the whole you play ball like a girl showdown. So it was a good week. Yesterday I contacted a dad because he was playing volleyball with his daughters and he reminded me of my dad playing volleyball with me annnnd best part? he's married! that is better than La Jolla any day. hahahaa well kinda.

So I'm doing great here. we had a ward activity and we had six investigators come.... if only that would happen Sunday.

Also fun story, last week riding home from the bus a guy was selling these balance energy bracelets and well you know me, so hna V and I each bought one and the elders were making so much fun of us. But then this week we killed it and keep trying to sell them our bracelets for 30 soles. hahah they have special powers.

with lots of love from LIMA!
Hermana Degn


At the market with the chickens! Yikes!


Trio--July 21, 2014

So this is gonna be suuuuuper short! I am so sorry! and I can't even upload pictures and I am real sorry about that! But last monday night HB and I got a call that we needed to be at cambios and so we went and got put in a trio. so this week has been soooooo crazy.
But I think the Lord just really knows that I needed to keep learning so he sent me another companion to help me grow aun mas rapido!

So I'll just share a quick thought of that first day..... Monday night I was super nervie. Because I am queen of companionship problems. hahaha casi no es una broma..... haha and at cambios Pres Archibald talked about how at the end of the day we should all be able to write in our journals about how our companion was the best companion ever. Well I was basically full of a lot of doubts in that moment..... maybe because I knew I was still going to be with hermana barahona hahahahaha but I prayed really hard that I would be able to do that. It was basically like that I would try my hardest to go into the new companionship with an open heart. well we got put into a trio with Hermana Valladares. and that night of cambios I felt so much peace and was able to write in my journal about how much I love hna valladaroes! (it may have been the only time I wrote in my journal hahah but hey, I did it!) She is the best! She is 25 and from Chile and we are going to be great friends! So I am so excited for this week! God has really taught me a lot in this last week about hard work and remotivated me to set new goals for the last six months of my msision. and I am excited for this week! it's gonna be a good cambio!

 with all my love,

hermana degn
My 4th of July Outfit!


One day...July 14, 2014

One day…
because matisyahu is playing in internet right now and it's trunking me out! #oneday.
So the weekly shennanagins... Mostly I forgot every spiritual thing I have prepped to tell you all because this morning I woke up with a huge fat lip. and really wierd skin rashes all over my face. this morning hna barahona just laughed at me as I tried like six remedies to make my face look more normal.... and then I just gave up and plastered three inches of makeup on only one part of my face and called it good. haha even though it still really hurts for some reason and I am trying not to smile so that my makeup doesn't wear off.... #highmanagement. So I guess that tells ya'll that its time to wash the sheets again. good thing its Monday, and that now I have two pairs.

Also, Alemania won la mundial which is finally over. yesterday was seriously so funny. I mean basically we watched it because everyone had it playing so loud that you could hear it always just walking around. But it was hilarious because maybe 30 people stayed for the last hour of church....... and everyone else was home watching it.......... and then we went to all of our citas and they all fell through. It was pretty comical really. We would knock on the door, you can hear the game, no one comes. yep same story. WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME AND WATCHING THE MUNDIAL!

But now its over so hopefully next Sunday will be more exitosa! hopefully. in other news this week went by real fast like normal and yeah. we found someone this week called Jail..... Well algo así the truth is I can never understand his name but you say it like jai eeel. and yeah. we contacted him one day and he told us to come by so we went and left him a Book of Mormon not really thinking he would progress at all. But then when we went back he had read the chapters we had left him and started telling us everything that had happened and he is really just so thirsty to read the Book of Mormon. It was so cool. We were teaching him about how the Holy Ghost teaches us through our feelings and how we feel when we read the Book of Mormon and he was like--yeah, I feel like that. So then we commited him to baptism in August but he works Sundays and maybe is addicted to drugs? so more to come there. hahaha. and that's all.

 Also now cambios. HB and I are still kicking it! well for other six weeks until she dies....... I can already feel the trunkiness coming. in the words of batman, there's a storm coming. #famesa

well time to go! i love you all tons!

 hermana degn

 Love this postcard!  Thanks, Dad!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

Well, lets just say that I love America. the land of boneless chicken, ice, cheap fast food, carpet, target and walmart, but mostly boneless chicken. who knew that was such an undervalued comodity? well guess what--it is. like yesterday we were eating and I was picking out my chicken and there was the heart. #ifyoudon'tknownowyouknow. so thanks but no thanks. and you know I've been here a long time, because I ate it.

So we celebrated the 4th with flags, the beach, happiness, transformer oreos, peanut butter, and cheescake. It was kinda like a dream. I am a big fan. the only thing that was missing was the sun, getting in the water (but not really, it was nasty), hotdogs, potato chips, and yeah. I think that pretty much covers it. haha

So basically I feel like every week just FLIES by and here I am one week later with no idea in what I should tell ya'll because i just told you everything last week but it's cool. I´ll try to do a good re'cap.
But first I'll tell you about my pday last week when we went to the beach, checked out a sweet old boat, played some good old fútbol in which I scored TWO goals #winning. (it was the jersey) and then when we were walking back to head home we caught a ride on a super sweet decked out bus that took us all the way (about an hour trip) for only one sole! cada quien! those are some real blessings right there!

It's finally starting to really get cold here. mostly at night beacuse we don't have heating or insulation. whose idea was that? I do not know but it was a bad one. Besides that things are still moving along. We are teaching some part-member families and are always looking for new people. this week we contacted some false families. like thanks for nothing. One of them was what appeared to be a mom and dad and two kids but turned out to be a boyfriend girlfriend with her two nieces, but don't worry she also happens to be a member and now we are teaching her nephew. So in the end, it all works out!
We are just keeping on sharing the gospel and laughing a lot along the way. sure love you guys! I am still sure that i have the best family out there!
hna degn

 also thanks for my sweet birthday present...... my real madrid jersey. and here i am showing off my not so great soccer skills representing #realmadrid
 so here is a good example of the wildlife here mom. hahahah spoiler alert: its dead. and smelt terrible- but it reminds me of my english class in high school where we talked a ton about a poem or book that talked about the sailor that killed that bird but now i can't remember the name or any details only that i liked it..... so that's kinda embaraassing, i kinda miss google.
your wildlife wins. #yellowstone