Sunday, August 17, 2014

These boots were made for walking...August 4, 2014

...and that's just what I've done!  They're worn out!
so. we had a stellar week. Dad, sorry that this week went by a little bit slower with more hospital trips than normal but things here in Lima are moving!

So first off. This week was just really amazing. But really. Hands down it was the best week of my whole mission and I am so excited for what hna valladares and I are starting to do together. sidenote you should look up the island Chiloe. that's where she's from and where I am going to take all my future summer vacations! But really.

So the quick version.

Oscar. he is the brother of a member. so his sister told us to visit him. (he is like 60years old p.s.) so we called him, ended up being super lost so he came and picked us up. Well we taught him really quickly and he told us how he was given a Book of Mormon AGES ago and that he just started reading it two weeks ago because he wants to stop drinking. And we talked about coming to church and getting baptized and he just told us me parece maravillosa. best day.

Charon. She has been going to another ward with her prima but we found her this week and she is sooo prepared to live the gospel. She has been through a lot of hard things and has cancer but this week she really opened up to us and wants to be baptized.

Bruno. we taught him about the restauración and he just told us about how he used to always pray but that he hasn't in a long time but that he wants to re-direct his life-

Victor. the grandson of a memeber menos activa who has so many amazing questions. And huge diamond earings. But he is awesome. He loves learning about God and what it is that he has planned for him.

Fanny, Jose, Fran, Xandron and Jossely. they are the best. So maybe five years ago Hna
Jimènez and I talked to them and did a noche de hogar with them but nothing really happened. Fanny was super un-impressed and that was it. Then one time Hna Barahona and I were walking by their house and they were outside so we asked them if we could visit them again. Then last week Hna Valladares and I were out contacting and two families rejected us like hard core. Then we saw a family of five walking so it was like hey they are the ones. and it was Fanny. Well this time her husband said we could come by. And our lesson with them was awesome! the only problem is that Jose works traveling so he is almost never home, and Fanny is really catholic but she came to church! Miracles are happening here.

I am learning so much about trusting in the spirit and teaching boldly. Hna Valladares is sooooo bold. en serio. she is incredible.

Right so the funnier moments- Well yesterday I went with a married couple to teach. It was such a dream because the hermano drives a moto so we didn't even have to walk! and we taught bruno, and at the end when we teach about praying the hermana told him he could recite padre nuestra. WHAT THE HECK. talk about face in palm. I was drying. so then I explained it again. That that was not praying. hopefully he got it.

Also, last night we were talking about ways to relieve stress and then in my dream said a bunch of things like no, we need to set a goal so that after five years of marriage we can have a prize. something like that. in spanish OBVIOUSLY. hna valladares this morning was really excited to hear about my dream. which i couldn't remember para nada. well this really has nothing to do with this week nor is it really funny, i just wanted to remember it in three years from now when i am reflecting on my mission and i'm a lousy journal writer here (too much pillow talk) so i am just trying to make this letter home count hahaha. It was a good moment. really i am only sharing a tenth of the story. it was mint.

also pictures! because it's cold here. well mostly at night. Also I need new shoes. but I am kinda mostly super proud of me because I know I have never used one pair of shoes sooooo many times.....

Les Quiero!

Hermana Degn


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