Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another one bites the dust!

So this week angel got baptized and it was the best! He was soo cute and so excited. and after he was just sooo happy. So it was a good good weekend. He has been ready to get baptized for a while now so I was glad we got to do it before hna barahona left. Although last Wednesday we told him that she was leaving and he almost started crying and it got real sad. But the good news is that he is the best! and that I love him so much. and that this week was sooo beyond stressful but that is okay cause his baptism was the best. And he is soo happy that now he can recieve the priesthood. #btd
I had a great last week with hna barahona. she left in style. and last night I was in the offices with everyone who was leaving including good old Elder Aubrey. so I can't really believe all my friends are going home. but I am so grateful that I still have six months to be a missionary in PerĂº. I have never been so grateful to not be going home in my life. hahah
So it was a roller coaster of a week with a roller coaster of a week still to come. I need to see who will be my new companion and I really really hope that I don't have a cambio. so let's just pray for that. That I get to stay in famesa for another change-
even though this morning when we left the offices hna Archibald told me that the changes were always just sooo exciting. well. we'll see if I still believe her Wednesday haha
Well, all in all, it was sad saying goodbye to hna barahona. Three transfers is a long time to be with someone and yet, I find myself wishing that I had one more with her to help her more and do what I should have done better. But tomorrow I will have a new companion to start all over with. and I am excited for that.

Les quiero!
Hermana Degn


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