Monday, September 22, 2014

The week in which we went to the beach...

So the annua service project of Clean the Beaches in Perú was a real hit. This year I think I took more pictures than cleaned but I still cleaned. and picked up lots of dead animals to group them together which was gross. but still a quality service project and we got to meet up with other fun missionary friends. All in all, it was a win-win situation.

We also had an awesome lesson with Chrismar who is going to get baptized to 18 with his mom. They are so funny. We live out of the city but it's still a city. just ugly and dirtier with more houses. and they live right smash in the middle of the main road of our area only with 7 dogs, four cats a ton of ducks, chickens and cuis. It is random. but they are really good people. anyways we finally taught more about Joseph Smith and asked him a question about if he had ever felt confused. he told us that he has always wondered about if there is a life after this and all that stuff so it was cool to see that we have really been able to teach people who are prepared and who are looking for the answers to questions of the soul.

We also taught a family in which the dad is Athiest. And it was such an interesting lesson. I felt like all of the questions that he had the answers are in the Book of Mormon but he has decided to not believe in God because no one has the answers. and even though it is going to be hard to get him to have faith again, it was a really cool lesson in which we really tried to help him see how real God is in his life. It was so interesting because it was also the first time in my whole mission that I have taught someone who wasn't catholic, so we really had to change how we taught.

Anyways. our week was great! we went and cleaned the beach, got lost #typical and met up with other missionaries and had a great time haha. and took plenty of pictures and made a cool video that sorry you'll have to wait another five months to see hahah!

 Have fun travelling the world! send me lots of pictures and postcards!

les quiero!
Sista degn
 We love cleaning the beach!!! Yay!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Love being a missionary in Peru!

So just a quick email to tell ya'll how our week went! it was good! definitely one of the harder weeks on my mission. We had two days that were so hard and we went through so much rejection and opposition. But I think the Lord was just helping us to get back on track with our focus to find families. and we had gotten off of that a little bit and have been now since that refocusing on what our purpose is to help families accept this gospel and become eternal.

So even though we had some rough days they were also filled with funny moments and small miracles. even if said miracles had nothing to do with missionary work haha. one day we left a house and I realized that I had lost my jacket, and I just got really sad a little worried because I knew that in 30ish minutes it was going to be really cold and we didn't have time to go back to the apartment and then we just kept walking around and contacting and went by a part of our area that we had been in earlier and found my jacket there on the side of the road. and I couldn't believe that it hadn't been stolen. so that was nice.

Anyways we are just working as hard as we can to find people to teach and then teach them according to their needs so that they can realize the great blessings that they can have.
But Sunday was oh sooo sweet because Angel blessed the sacrament for the first time and recieved a calling and it was so cool. He has just become a changed man since his baptism. Even though he had some hard experiences the other week and has been through a lot. The happiness that he has right now in his life is soooo contagious. I am serious. It really is so special to feel this pure joy to be a part in this work but even more than that to see others feel this joy too. I sure love this gospel.
So that you don't think that I don't laugh anymore...........
Hna Alonso and I practice magic tricks when we have to walk far to get to an appointment and I've got some killer tricks for you. We are also turning into expert stalkers even with the people who don't want to talk to us. ha look out rm's when I get back to byu hahah because I know how to find out where you live hahaha jk we are not that creepy. but almost.

ha just know that I am doing so great and that I am so glad that I can be a missionary here in perú!
have a great week!"

hna degn

 So adorable!  Blowing a Birthday kiss to my mom!
Thanks Hannah!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

So, this was a good week

Hello. Things went great this week! We had some interesting things happen. The best thing was that Victor got baptized! It was awesome because I have been teaching him for forever! his whole family are members but he's been soo set on not getting baptized. and then the week before hna barahona left he finally commited and took out his earrings and started really reading in the Book of Mormon and it was soo cool! It was so cute when he bore his testimony after and the baptismal service was really spiritual (which is SUCH a feat) I´m serious! but hna alonso and I put it together nicely. It was a great Saturday!

It was kinda sad because Oscar failed his baptismal interviews. turns out he's an escaped convict kinda deal and all his documents are false. #24601. So now he's just turned into a bit of an eternal investigator and we'll see what happens. he told us he'd do his best to get his parol stuff legalized so that he can get baptized. only that's not a real near future thing. hahah He really is awesome though. so maybe down the line..... so shawshake redemption. only lds version.
Right other higlights hna alonso is the best, our area is the best, our investgators are the best, our ward is the best, our mission is the best. hahah things are really rolling here.we had some amazing lessons last week that really left me blown away by the spirit and what we can do to teach with it.
Also there were a ton of catholic parties yesterday and everyone was drunk dancing in front of their huge saint statues! ha, pictures to come!
Les quiero!
Hermana Degn


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Work...September 1, 2014

So this week has flown by. My new companion is hna Alonso. and she is the BEST! but for reals. working with her this past week has been the best week of my whole mission. We had a great time and we saw some real progress in our investigators as well as a lot of moments where things just happened. We are just losing ourselves in the work and then at night party it up. hahah kinda sorta.
So hna Alonso is also from Honduras and she is amazing. really. but I only have ten minutes left so I will save my love story about her until next week and tell you about me week. We had a super super intense lesson with Oscar in which he told us he wanted to wait until DECEMBER to get baptized. umm no, I don't think so. So we went into beast mode and the lesson was so intense, basically we just kept saying no no no you have to get baptized the 6th and I basically thought he was going to kick us off. and then the member we were with just told him don't lose your time, you'll be condemned and then the spirit was there and we invited him again and he just told us he couldn't say no. It was so intense, and powerful, and insanely cool. So now he is scared to get baptized on any other day hahah

Also we had a mission conference (with the half of the mission that is in Lima) and we went to lima norte to hear from Obispo Davies (of the presiding bishopric) that was so cool. Basically we got to hear the testimony of presidente Uceda. who is the president of our area. he is from Perú and we were in the church where he got baptized (sidenote it also happens to be the only church I have ever SEEN that isn't gated..... ha I didn't quite know what to think) (other sidenote we also were a long way away from our mission #fieldtrip #pitucaso) Basically I have never felt the spirit so strongly as I did when he bore his testimony and challenged us to be like HIS missionaries. supposedly we were going to have this conference with Elder Christofferson or Anderson but being there with President Uceda was one of the most spritual moments of my life where he taught us how as a missionary we need to give our investigators a fair chance to gain their own testimony. It was incredible listening to him. I didn't want it to end. And that is short was my week! i loved it, i love hna alonso, and i love being a special witness to my savior Jesus Christ. I know that he lives and I know that he works through his living profets. and I am grateful that every single day I have the great blessing of testifing of his great work.

les quiero!

hna degn