Friday, September 12, 2014

So, this was a good week

Hello. Things went great this week! We had some interesting things happen. The best thing was that Victor got baptized! It was awesome because I have been teaching him for forever! his whole family are members but he's been soo set on not getting baptized. and then the week before hna barahona left he finally commited and took out his earrings and started really reading in the Book of Mormon and it was soo cool! It was so cute when he bore his testimony after and the baptismal service was really spiritual (which is SUCH a feat) I´m serious! but hna alonso and I put it together nicely. It was a great Saturday!

It was kinda sad because Oscar failed his baptismal interviews. turns out he's an escaped convict kinda deal and all his documents are false. #24601. So now he's just turned into a bit of an eternal investigator and we'll see what happens. he told us he'd do his best to get his parol stuff legalized so that he can get baptized. only that's not a real near future thing. hahah He really is awesome though. so maybe down the line..... so shawshake redemption. only lds version.
Right other higlights hna alonso is the best, our area is the best, our investgators are the best, our ward is the best, our mission is the best. hahah things are really rolling here.we had some amazing lessons last week that really left me blown away by the spirit and what we can do to teach with it.
Also there were a ton of catholic parties yesterday and everyone was drunk dancing in front of their huge saint statues! ha, pictures to come!
Les quiero!
Hermana Degn


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