Friday, September 19, 2014

Love being a missionary in Peru!

So just a quick email to tell ya'll how our week went! it was good! definitely one of the harder weeks on my mission. We had two days that were so hard and we went through so much rejection and opposition. But I think the Lord was just helping us to get back on track with our focus to find families. and we had gotten off of that a little bit and have been now since that refocusing on what our purpose is to help families accept this gospel and become eternal.

So even though we had some rough days they were also filled with funny moments and small miracles. even if said miracles had nothing to do with missionary work haha. one day we left a house and I realized that I had lost my jacket, and I just got really sad a little worried because I knew that in 30ish minutes it was going to be really cold and we didn't have time to go back to the apartment and then we just kept walking around and contacting and went by a part of our area that we had been in earlier and found my jacket there on the side of the road. and I couldn't believe that it hadn't been stolen. so that was nice.

Anyways we are just working as hard as we can to find people to teach and then teach them according to their needs so that they can realize the great blessings that they can have.
But Sunday was oh sooo sweet because Angel blessed the sacrament for the first time and recieved a calling and it was so cool. He has just become a changed man since his baptism. Even though he had some hard experiences the other week and has been through a lot. The happiness that he has right now in his life is soooo contagious. I am serious. It really is so special to feel this pure joy to be a part in this work but even more than that to see others feel this joy too. I sure love this gospel.
So that you don't think that I don't laugh anymore...........
Hna Alonso and I practice magic tricks when we have to walk far to get to an appointment and I've got some killer tricks for you. We are also turning into expert stalkers even with the people who don't want to talk to us. ha look out rm's when I get back to byu hahah because I know how to find out where you live hahaha jk we are not that creepy. but almost.

ha just know that I am doing so great and that I am so glad that I can be a missionary here in perĂº!
have a great week!"

hna degn

 So adorable!  Blowing a Birthday kiss to my mom!
Thanks Hannah!!!!

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