Monday, January 19, 2015

The things unwritten

Hello dear family,
Well I've been thinking about what I'm going to write home all week.... but not in a trunky way hahah and I don't know, so here it goes! 
The truth is that sometimes things happen that are just so spiritual. And that's how I feel about this week. It was a sacred week. And there really just aren't any words to tell you about it. All that I can really say is that God really is a God of miracles. And that he loves his children and keeps his promises. How sad I am to think that the spirit that I have come to know and love as being a full time missionary will only be mine for a few more weeks. But I have lived some incredible things as a missionary. I have seen things that I never really imagined. 
It is amazing how you can knock on a door not knowing anything about what's behind it and in a few short weeks have so much love there in your heart for that family. Love that doesn't just come from my heart but from the Lord. 
In fin, Sunday the closing hymn was Cuenta tus bendiciones- and I was sitting there with the Ochoa family in the side bench and Hna Medina was sitting behind me with the Diaz family. And I just got really emotional. The Lord knows us and is helping us to be our best selves. He wants all of his children to be part of the House of Israel. And that is why I am serving a mission. 
There are so many amazing things about missionary work. And this week we had interviews with the good President Archibald. He just asked me if I was glad I had served a mission. and the answer is yes. I am so glad. It has changed me. And it will continue to change everything about who I am. 
So have a great week! look at the details--the Lord is in them, and he always keeps his promises to us when we are faithful!  I love you guys!!

Hermana Degn

p.s. on a lighter note hahah selfies of the week! #SOTW
walking in our area! los dos! even though one is where we walk everyday and the other is walking where the rich live... hahaha we also joke there that it's like we are in another country cause it is nothing like Perù hahah #truestory

Pizza, anyone? January 12, 2013

So last week we went and had a pizza eating competition. What a horrible idea. asú. I ate 10 slices. and just about died. oh my gosh it was so much pizza. hahah but I feel like I really represented. also yeah our district is huge! but I love them. our district is THE BEST. these next few weeks are going to be sooo stellar! 

Anyways, we also celebrated the birthday of Hna Lizet! and then they all went to Lima and didn't come to church so we're going to get them baptized the 24 asú que dolor de cabeza. but we do love them a lot. Also we are the WORST because we bought a cake with coffee flavored frosting! hahah oh man I died. So we scraped all the frosting off... some things just don't go our way. I mean the lady told us it was manjar.... but now we know why it was the cheapest...... hahah good memories...... 

Also, Jonatan's grandma died this week and he couldn't come to church because he had to go to the funeral... so we are going to work like ninjas this week to get all our investigators in church come Sunday morning. 

We also found an awesome family! The Rey family. oh man they are sooo awesome! In our first lesson we watched the video Gracias a él. and oh man the spirit was sooo strong. Their oldest son came to church and Sunday afternoon we taught them about the restauración. It was awesome. The dad Hector, is so interesting and always asks us things like well if i'm catholic how do I become Mormon? haha it's the best- 

Anyways, the Lord really blessed us and our district this week! There are good things coming up! haha love this work! we are still going full! 

les quiero!! 

hermana degn

Let the New Year ring in...Jan. 5, 2015

So we had a great week! for reals. it flew by soooo fast. There is just not enough time! 

So the big things.......

Pilar, Chantall and Sebastian all got baptized! it was amazing! they are the cutest little family! after they had their interviews, la Hermana Pilar told us how happy she was to be getting baptized and how much peace she felt. It was so special. They were so excited. And their baptism went so well. It was so sweet and the spirit was so strong. We really were so glad that they all were able to get baptized together. Chantall was a lot of work, she is really shy and wanted to wait, even at the last minute she got sooo nervous but then when she went in the water she just looked so calm and it went so well. They are so special. 

Anyways, things are still going really well with the Ochoa family as well. They are so awesome! and are really progressing. Their goal is to get baptized the 17. So we are on track there. 

Then we are also teaching Jonatan. He is doing great, he was going to get baptized this saturday but then couldn't come to church but we are going to get him back on track for the 24th of this month so things should pick up. We have a lot of work to catch up on this week because news years was nuts and no one wanted to let us in! but we'll make up for it this week!

So, we let the new year ring in, and had a multizona with Presidente Archibald. It was a good week! love you all!


Hermana degn


Friday, January 2, 2015

A party is a party, but a Peruvian Christmas party, NOW that is a party!---Dec. 29, 2014

It was an incredible week. Needless to say I have very little time and very many words to get it all in. so sum up

Last week the Oxxx family came to church DRUNK! so we taught them the word of wisdom so this week we taught them the word of wisdom. IT went soo well. it was such  a tender mercy they both accepted it. 

Then we taught Pxxx the word of wisdom and she told us that the day before she had decided to give up coffee because it was making her sick...

Okay, literally it was just soooo amazing! we were so nervous about teaching them because we didn't know how it would go and the Lord just changed their hearts. It was amazing! and normally teaching the palabra de sabiduría here is pretty easy because we drink things like ecco, looks like cofee, tastes like cofee, but it's not coffee. but the Oxxx family has a problem with every single thing...... but the Lord just sent the spirit and they all accepted to live it. IT was such  a huge blessing. }

Christmas was awesome we celebrated with the Oxxx and it was delish. then they next day we visited everyone and ate their leftovers. and gained ten pounds. It was such an amazing week. WE were so blessed to find the time to still be able to work hard and have a lot of lessons and the lord is just blessing us sooo much right now i can't even believe it! I can't wait to write next week! I'll have big news!!!!

I love you all! thanks for making christmas day so fun for me! it was so great to see you all!!!! 

Merry Christmas! December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Here I am celebrating yet another special Christmas in the promised land, the land of Nefi and Lehi, the land that they obtained after much sacrifice. How grateful I am to be able to pass another special holiday season filled with paneton, hot chocolate, fireworks and all things peruvian. I will have many more special Christmases filled with family memories but this will be my last one here in the mission. In the past few weeks I have grown closer to my Savior as I have studied his birth, his life, and his ministry. What an incredible gift He truly is to each and every one of us. I have loved every minute of the time spent here sharing this light with everyone I meet and I feel so grateful that I have a few more weeks to keep sharing it. But sharing it during the Christmas season is something special as hearts are truly touched remembering our Savior and the great love He has for us. I hope each one of us can help others accept this gift and that we can do something with it that shows our eternal gratitude to our Heavenly Father. 

Seeing as tomorrow is also the birthday of the Profet Joseph Smith I would also like to share with you how grateful I am for the GIFT of living profets. I am eternally grateful for Joseph Smith and his life. Because of him the church was able to be restored in OUR day and because of him I am able to be with my family forever. Not only that but I can also help others recieve that gift. We have a father in heaven who is mindful of us, he loves us and he guides us through his profets. My testimony of the profet Joseph has grown and grown here in Perú. Perú will always be a sacred land for me where my testimony was able to go through the refiner's fire. How great is the plan of our Heavenly Father and how great is his love! I hope every one of you can feel that in this special season of Navidad! 


Hermana Degn