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Merry Christmas! December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Here I am celebrating yet another special Christmas in the promised land, the land of Nefi and Lehi, the land that they obtained after much sacrifice. How grateful I am to be able to pass another special holiday season filled with paneton, hot chocolate, fireworks and all things peruvian. I will have many more special Christmases filled with family memories but this will be my last one here in the mission. In the past few weeks I have grown closer to my Savior as I have studied his birth, his life, and his ministry. What an incredible gift He truly is to each and every one of us. I have loved every minute of the time spent here sharing this light with everyone I meet and I feel so grateful that I have a few more weeks to keep sharing it. But sharing it during the Christmas season is something special as hearts are truly touched remembering our Savior and the great love He has for us. I hope each one of us can help others accept this gift and that we can do something with it that shows our eternal gratitude to our Heavenly Father. 

Seeing as tomorrow is also the birthday of the Profet Joseph Smith I would also like to share with you how grateful I am for the GIFT of living profets. I am eternally grateful for Joseph Smith and his life. Because of him the church was able to be restored in OUR day and because of him I am able to be with my family forever. Not only that but I can also help others recieve that gift. We have a father in heaven who is mindful of us, he loves us and he guides us through his profets. My testimony of the profet Joseph has grown and grown here in PerĂº. PerĂº will always be a sacred land for me where my testimony was able to go through the refiner's fire. How great is the plan of our Heavenly Father and how great is his love! I hope every one of you can feel that in this special season of Navidad! 


Hermana Degn

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