Friday, January 2, 2015

I apologize!! We have had technical difficulties so I have not posted Hannah's letters since November. I am catching you up now!

okay sorry that I don't have very much time today. we went to doctor appt. for Hna Gutierrez this morning. so we got here to this internet cafe a little late. .. not to worry or anything, it was just a quick checkup for her eyes. but no one is sick so we are all good, and as for our week. It was great! a little long to be honest but yesterday we just say miracle after miracle. 

Like yesterday morning we were going crazy trying to get all our investigators to come to church and no one was going to go. I was literally so stressed and frustrated, but we did all we could. (seriously we ran up a hill that noramaly takes a solid half hour to get up, think hiking the Y and then 100 stairs (no lie) and you'll get the idea) but we got up there in ten mintues flat. About to pass out, mind you but we made it. Anyways we woke up our family of investigators to no avail. and booked it back down to mountain to catch a bus to get to the church. Praying with all our might that Heavenly Father would help us to have somenoe at church. and we had three! it was so awesome. And one of them is named Jilari. She has come to church three times and we met her yesterday, and are going to visit with her tonight to invite her to be baptized saturday! so pray for her and that everything goes well!

and last week we went to the beach to have a picnic! it was rad. we be keeping things cool. and you know i be representing my home team alemania! #futbolfrenzy its still going-

all my love, 

hermana degn 
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