Saturday, October 25, 2014

The week in which I flood our house...True story

So. let's just say that happened. Ha, basically the longer I have in the mission the more ghetto my housing gets. So how the story goes is that here after noonish we don't have running water. so one night I accidently left the sink faucet open.............. and we woke up the next morning to a waterfall coming out of the bathroom. maybe I forgot to mention the fact that the sink also doesn't have plumbing. as in there is just a hole in the sink that lets all the water out on the floor. So, um that's awkward. there was water everywhere. so now I am careful to not leave it open at night. haha you win some you lose some. But in the end, we just did some impromtu cleaning and listo. haha and now I'm used to the morning routine of filling up big buckets of water so that we have water at night. It's not all it's cracked up to be haha. also I'm pretty sure we live on an ant hill. and the key to our apartment basically never works. but on the up side our church is huge! and beautiful! and so far away! But I'll take it! We are out in Ancon dad. a little bit less than an hour out from puente. So basically we are out in the boonies. but we have the beach #winning. Look up playa hermosa. and that's where I am. But we only go there on p-days because no one really lives there until the summer.

And lets just say there is a lot of sand here. But a lot. I feel a lot like I'm on trek these days from my memories of the women pull. Cause here we are and the majority of our area is just people who built houses on the sand. You thought they would have been wise and built on the rock but nope. haha #churchjokes. #ikillmyself But it never even rains here anyways.
So you know, that's the area highlights. I love it. The work is moving and the church here is strong. I love it. also hna gutierrez is from Guyaquil uh, sorry I can't spell- But I'm really happy to finally have an Equatorian companion. sorry my spelling is really hopeless.
Anyways, things are going great. sorry that all my internet time just ended and I basically said nothing hahah i'm the worst. (it's because now the only form of communication I have is email since serpost is broken. hahah i need to keep up with my peeps-)
we really do work way hard for the récord. hahah I'll send pics soon!
Hermana Degn

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