Monday, October 13, 2014

The week in which I left Famesa...

So hello from Miramar. so. I moved. and it was way sad. Missions are kinda nuts. Last Monday night when I found out I was so sad. Seriously I couldn't even stop crying. mostly because I didn't want to leave hna Alonso and the family we were teaching. But then Tuesday, cambios were the best- Basically there were only two areas that I wanted to go to and one of them didn't have changes. So there was only one place I wanted to go in our mission. So there we are sitting in cambios and I'm just praying so hard to go to pt piedra. but so hard. And they start calling out the cambios for that zone, and I just knew it. I knew I was going to go there. and I did. It was the best. hahah I was sooo happy.

So now I am in Miramar with hermana Gutierrez. She's from Ecuador, she is beautiful and she is THE BEST. ha we were sooo excited in cambios. but really. there was just too much happiness to contain.

It's crazy how much everything changes in one day. packking was a little rough not gonna lie, but totally worth it. I love it here so much. I feel very overwhelmed because our area is sooooo huge but it is also so awesome. And there are six of us missionaries here in our ward. (because it's the best) and sidenote one of them is josh's friend, elder johnson. We are both from south jordan so that's what's up. #revelation

So basically i love it here so much. and we got right to work. This last week watched gen conf... you know us peruvians, we are just a little behind the times. But we had to watch it all in spanish because it wasn't live so we couldn't hook up a tv to be in english, which was kinda sorta a bummer. The translated version just isn't the same. Although I loved President Packers talk. That one seriously made conference for me. But it was cool sunday, we were talking after with one of our investigators who came and he said how he liked what the president said about following christ and being baptized and how he was excited to take that path in his life and change. Thank you President Monson. You are the man.

But really, follow the prophets, they know the way. and that is why I love this gospel
So you know life is good! have a great week! les quiero

hermana degn

 p.s. yo y hna alonso

y despues yo y hna gutierrez
 Bye Hermana Alonso!


Hello Hermana Gutierrez!


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