Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference? nope.

So not gonna lie, I haven't even heard women's conference yet. so General Conference was just too much to hope for. ha. but one of these day's we'll get it I think.

Sunday was elections day so we didn't even have church. Which makes me feel all out of sorts and like the week didn't even end buut here I am so I guess that's what's up. and this week we are going to have stake conference which will be fun, we'll see how that goes,
But this week was still awesome because we are teaching the best family ever! Cesar, Maria, Ornella, and Luciana. (luci turned seven this last week. ah sooo close to eight!hahah) but they all came to church this last week and they are literally the best. we had a lesson with them and Cesar prayed at the end that everything would go well the first of November at their baptism. #tearjerker

And we taught them fasting and they thought we had to fast every Sunday. and they said they would do it and then at the end it was like hey wait you only have to do it once a month and they laughed like ah really que facilito, haha they are too golden,

Also this week I discovered microwave eggs. my life has been made. Breakfast just got a whooooole lot better. Let's just say that I am living the life and when I can just eat a bowl of cereal again, wow, that will be the day. but until then I am loving scrambled eggs from the microwave. haha

Well, I sure love you all! until next week.
Also this week we did tons of random service projects.... like chopping wood with machetes. ha it was sweet. we did another one too where we took out nails of wood that was probably 50 years old. it was painful. I couldn't straighten my hand after for a solid hour, ha, and they turned out to be barrachos ha........ but it makes a good story.
Nos vemos allá
les quiero!

hermana degn


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