Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is Peru...

Ah this week was super great! We went up our little cero.... Great pic huh? so yeah this is my area. Well half of it. It's not really as big as it looks. We go all the way until the freeway in this pic and then we have a whole other part that isn't pictured- I am really learning to love it here.

 Well since we obviously haven't had any baptisms you can guess that our biggest problem has really been finding people who will PROGRESS! Man why is that so hard? I don't know. But We are getting down to business. Basically we had some really awesome lessons this week and have two people who have committed to baptism. (one is Orlando-AGAIN. If he doesn't get baptized this time though it is chao chico.) But yeah this week was so great I am still on cloud nine from the package... It's the new clothes.

 This week we had a super cool lesson with one of our investigators, Fernando. He is 17 and we have been working with him the whole time I've been here- He is awesome and wants to go on a misison buuuut we are working first on getting him to be ready to be baptized. Anyways he had some problems with his dad this week and was telling us about the situation- Well that morning in my idioma sutdy I had been reading in 1 nephi 16 where it talks about Nephi's bow breaking-. (this is awkward I can't actually remember if its 16 or 17 but you get the idea) Well it was cool we read this part together and talked about Nehpi and lehi´s realationship and how even though Lehi had murmured against the Lord Nephi still went to him and asked him to pray about what they should do. Basically we just talked about how important it is to be humble and to look to our parents for guidence and that they love us even though sometimes they have a hard time showing it- I don't know it just was super cool and I felt the spirit so strong. This work is aweomse and I love being a part of it!

 Also mom, Nicol and Totti and I had a great time with the halloween crafts! Thanks! Okay well imma a gonna wrap this up and upload more pics! Also yeah mom don't worry I am in touch with my homegirl Tia. Basically she's got some crazy stories and everytime we email I am a lot more grateful for my apartment here. But she is safe, but dang, she just said how scary everything was and that they do a lot of service more than anything else. She also said that she's showering out of a bucket- Well that gave me a good laugh. Also KJ met Elder Lever. They're brothers. Cute right? Oh and a boy in our ward got his mission call. To the Uruguay Montevideo mission. I told him he's pretty lucky because I am still pretty jealous from all the pics I've seen from Zach.

 ok. yeah

con amor,

Hermana Degn
Pictures of my area, My comp Hermana Rodriguez and my sink where I wash my hair!


Monday, November 4, 2013


Okay basically halloween is pretty lame here, the day after is the real holiday I guess. But we had a ward party that night (stayed out until 930!!) haha It was fun, but not really that big of a deal i think. We didn't see much celebrations. }
Anyways this week really flew by, ha, we are trying to work more with the members but I think they should all watch Nacho Libre. Because everyone should be more like Nacho. He was so concerned for his friend's salvation that he baptized him himself. That's the kind of energy we need. haha, but actually the members here are great. They really do want to get involved. Sometimes the "how" is just really hard.

This week were cambiars. Still in Trebol! Which is good because I have a lot of work ahead of me here. And I am glad that both Hna Rodriguez and I are here for another six weeks. We're going to start tearing it up, just wait-

Also highlight last week I score my first goal playing futbol! Yes! FISTPUMP!!!
The work is going good! Have an awesome week!


hermana degn