Friday, January 2, 2015

November 17, 2014--sup...

Hey looks like you were able to have a fun birthday bash! I am so glad! This week went by a little bit slower than normal and here I am again writing you all! so the most exciting thing is that last night they broadcasted a training for the area in which we were a part of. which was sooo sick. even though I haven't actually seen it...... but everyone is jealous of us. At least that is the word on the street hahah... Only a few missionaries in our mission got to see it and we weren't one of them but it sounds like it was good. I'll bring home a copy... Description: hahah an autographed copy, ha but today one of my best friends who is serving in colombia emailed me because he saw it so that's pretty cool not gonna lie. #winninglikeaboss

Anyways we also just had a good week. We had eight investigators come to church yesterday which was awesome, even though some of them really have a long ways to go until baptism but it still was great to have so many people at churhc. 

Also we've been kinda sorta teaching Jxxx, the brother of a recent convert here. We teach him maybe once a week because we don't really know how serious to take him. He has a lot of problems going on but this week he really started reading the book of mormon and at church he told us that he hadn't drunk in three weeks. We couldn't believe it. He has changed so much. So this week we are going to focus on him a little bit more and invite him to be baptized. And really teach him and try to help him get there. We haven't really ever focused on him so we're gonna see what happens there.

Anyways cambios are tomorrow so we'll see what happens. time goes by way to fast here......

love you all!!!


Hermana Degn

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