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Time keeps on slipping...Dec. 8, 2014

Time keeps on slipping…

the time is just flying by here! seriously I can't even believe it! anyways this week we worked a lot with Jxxx. His brother got baptized a few months ago and he always goes to church but has a hard time believing in profets. Anyways this week we talked with him about him and then invited him to pray, then he came to church and literally every testimony that was bourne talked about that today there are profets and it was so cool to see how our prayers were answered and to see that everyone testified about President Monson. 

Then Sxxx and Lxxx couldn't come to church last week, keep them in your prayers we are not sure if we are going to keep teaching them because they have kinda stopped progressing and we are in a rut with how to help them. 

In other news we found an awesome family this last week that we have started teaching, the family concepcion. They are a family of four and a baby. the mom is SUPER catholic, but the dad is so awesome. We had an amazing lesson and the dad just told us how he really wanted to do something as a famiily. they are going to come to church this week. we are going to do a tour with them this tuesday which will be awesome, I am so excited for it! so keep them in your prayers! 

anyways I can't figure out how to post fotos on this computer because it is soooo ghetto but know that i love you all and that things are going ohh soo good here! 

we are working hard and sharing the dadiva with all we can! #comparteladàdiva #èleslanavidad

have a good week! i know i will!!! 


Hermana Degn

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