Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Back!!--Dec. 1, 2014

This week FLEW by! basically the highlight..... last monday we went hiking. kinda sorta not really. mostly we just went to the area of the elders and this is the view. 

Then we celebrated thanksigving. #barriomiramar and before we went around the table saying what we are gratefull for. it was a tear jerker. 

Then we had a capacitacion with the missionaries in lima so i got to see hna alonoso. #soulsisters

Then we worked like crazies, went to the bank, ate ice cream, worked some more, and that's about it. haha 

okay so Sxxx and Lxxx couldn't come to church this week, so we are working with them for the 13 instead. But they are so cute and are really trying hard to read in the book of mormon together every night. They are so awesome. And we always end up helping Lxxx as well with his homework which is kinda fun. haha oh kids. 

Then we are also teaching Jxxx who has been coming to church for a month now. So sunday we had a really cool lesson with him and just talked about why it is necessary to be baptized and at the end we invited him to get baptized saturday. He was pretty indecisive but we really feel like he is ready to make the decision and that it's his time. so we are going to work like crazy this week to get him to the font. 

Besides that We are teaching a lot of families the first lesson but then can never seem to get into their house again, so we are going to start being more creative in our ideas to find new people to teach. Like caroling. haha we have some good christmas stuff planned.

Anyways we had a super awesome week here! glad to know the holidays went well there! hopefully it snows there! ha we are cooking here!!!! 


also here we are on the docks. you can see all the cool fishing boats. ´tis the season

and barrio miramar. The missionaries. the bishop and his wife, and his son our ward mission leader. 

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