Friday, January 2, 2015

Rapido!---December 15, 2014

So this is gonna be real quick cause we got here to internet realllllllll late. long story short. we got locked out of the apartment. it was rough. but we lived so it's all good. but we got here maybe two hours late so you know that's a little rough. anyways...... It was a crazy week. 

Soo we dropped Sxxx and Lxxx. it was really sad. 

Then we found an awesome family! There are sooo cool. The family Fxxx. I love them. I really hope they progress. They are golden, They are a family of four and are so cute, THe first day we did a little family home evening with them and they just ate it up. THey told us how they wanted to dedicate more time to god and that they were even talking about that earlier the same day that we went and knocked their door.... Too cool.. they are such a tender mercy.

Then the lord just kept blessing us. Sunday we were stressing because when we went in the morning everyone said no. then I felt like we should hike up the hill where a ma family lives. So we get to the top and they aren't home but their neighbors ended up coming to church with us. so it was just another tender mercy from the lord. 

I just know that he lives and that he loves us! this Christmas season has been incredible! the Lord is working with us helping us to serve his children and share the message of the restored gospel! i know that he lives and that he loves us and wants us to help others change through the gift of his Son! 

so us. pday on the beach, servicio, and i forgot what other picture i attached hjaha 

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