Monday, January 19, 2015

The things unwritten

Hello dear family,
Well I've been thinking about what I'm going to write home all week.... but not in a trunky way hahah and I don't know, so here it goes! 
The truth is that sometimes things happen that are just so spiritual. And that's how I feel about this week. It was a sacred week. And there really just aren't any words to tell you about it. All that I can really say is that God really is a God of miracles. And that he loves his children and keeps his promises. How sad I am to think that the spirit that I have come to know and love as being a full time missionary will only be mine for a few more weeks. But I have lived some incredible things as a missionary. I have seen things that I never really imagined. 
It is amazing how you can knock on a door not knowing anything about what's behind it and in a few short weeks have so much love there in your heart for that family. Love that doesn't just come from my heart but from the Lord. 
In fin, Sunday the closing hymn was Cuenta tus bendiciones- and I was sitting there with the Ochoa family in the side bench and Hna Medina was sitting behind me with the Diaz family. And I just got really emotional. The Lord knows us and is helping us to be our best selves. He wants all of his children to be part of the House of Israel. And that is why I am serving a mission. 
There are so many amazing things about missionary work. And this week we had interviews with the good President Archibald. He just asked me if I was glad I had served a mission. and the answer is yes. I am so glad. It has changed me. And it will continue to change everything about who I am. 
So have a great week! look at the details--the Lord is in them, and he always keeps his promises to us when we are faithful!  I love you guys!!

Hermana Degn

p.s. on a lighter note hahah selfies of the week! #SOTW
walking in our area! los dos! even though one is where we walk everyday and the other is walking where the rich live... hahaha we also joke there that it's like we are in another country cause it is nothing like PerĂ¹ hahah #truestory

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