Monday, January 19, 2015

Pizza, anyone? January 12, 2013

So last week we went and had a pizza eating competition. What a horrible idea. asú. I ate 10 slices. and just about died. oh my gosh it was so much pizza. hahah but I feel like I really represented. also yeah our district is huge! but I love them. our district is THE BEST. these next few weeks are going to be sooo stellar! 

Anyways, we also celebrated the birthday of Hna Lizet! and then they all went to Lima and didn't come to church so we're going to get them baptized the 24 asú que dolor de cabeza. but we do love them a lot. Also we are the WORST because we bought a cake with coffee flavored frosting! hahah oh man I died. So we scraped all the frosting off... some things just don't go our way. I mean the lady told us it was manjar.... but now we know why it was the cheapest...... hahah good memories...... 

Also, Jonatan's grandma died this week and he couldn't come to church because he had to go to the funeral... so we are going to work like ninjas this week to get all our investigators in church come Sunday morning. 

We also found an awesome family! The Rey family. oh man they are sooo awesome! In our first lesson we watched the video Gracias a él. and oh man the spirit was sooo strong. Their oldest son came to church and Sunday afternoon we taught them about the restauración. It was awesome. The dad Hector, is so interesting and always asks us things like well if i'm catholic how do I become Mormon? haha it's the best- 

Anyways, the Lord really blessed us and our district this week! There are good things coming up! haha love this work! we are still going full! 

les quiero!! 

hermana degn

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