Friday, January 2, 2015

A party is a party, but a Peruvian Christmas party, NOW that is a party!---Dec. 29, 2014

It was an incredible week. Needless to say I have very little time and very many words to get it all in. so sum up

Last week the Oxxx family came to church DRUNK! so we taught them the word of wisdom so this week we taught them the word of wisdom. IT went soo well. it was such  a tender mercy they both accepted it. 

Then we taught Pxxx the word of wisdom and she told us that the day before she had decided to give up coffee because it was making her sick...

Okay, literally it was just soooo amazing! we were so nervous about teaching them because we didn't know how it would go and the Lord just changed their hearts. It was amazing! and normally teaching the palabra de sabidurĂ­a here is pretty easy because we drink things like ecco, looks like cofee, tastes like cofee, but it's not coffee. but the Oxxx family has a problem with every single thing...... but the Lord just sent the spirit and they all accepted to live it. IT was such  a huge blessing. }

Christmas was awesome we celebrated with the Oxxx and it was delish. then they next day we visited everyone and ate their leftovers. and gained ten pounds. It was such an amazing week. WE were so blessed to find the time to still be able to work hard and have a lot of lessons and the lord is just blessing us sooo much right now i can't even believe it! I can't wait to write next week! I'll have big news!!!!

I love you all! thanks for making christmas day so fun for me! it was so great to see you all!!!! 

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