Tuesday, February 3, 2015

La Familia Ochoa--January 26, 2015

So we had a great week. We celebrated Hermana Medina's 20th birthday. and the Ochoas got baptized. This family is seriously something else. They are sooo special and we have been through soo much with them. It was such a great day. They went through a lot of hard things this last week but at the end they made it through and it was so awesome to be there with them. I really just love them sooo much. Also this week Xiomara--their oldest daughter-- started living with them again and is going to get baptized the 14th. and Mario will baptize her. Man the gospel really is just the coolest thing. I sure do love it. 

After they got baptized when they got up to bear their testimonies ahhhh the spirit was sooo strong. They have such strong testimonies. I really just love and admire them sooo much. I have sooo much love for them. They truly have become a part of my family.

Anyways, in other news the Diaz family are progressing so well. We are protecting them like little babies so that everything keeps going well so they can get baptized the 7th. but so far so good. They are really just a huge tender mercy from the Lord. Things are really advancing here. I feel so blessed to serving here in Mirarmar. Our ward is the best. It is so incredible to see how much the Lord trusts us to watch over his children. This work is oh so sweet. 

Have a good week! love you all! 

Hermana Degn 

also here's a good laugh. Dad you know those motos that you sent pictures of last week? well hno mario drives one of those here (it's his job) so we all went to the church this week together for their baptisimal interviews. Well we were NINE people all crammed into that moto! Mario, Mauricio, Lizeth, Xiomara, Maryann, Margorie, Mario, Hna Medina, me, and the dog, Deyner. hahah it was a riot. And we are not very smaill people haha. When we got to the church we all started filling out and the look of complete shock on elder sarria's face was so priceless jajajaja it was soo funny. also i'm sure it's also very illegal. But hey who needs a mini van when you have a moto jaja #thegoodlife

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