Tuesday, February 3, 2015

last email...

Right so this might be it for me. I don't know if next Monday I'll write or not. But the other truth is that I just have no idea what to say asi que........ 
Here's what happened last week. Ronaldo got baptized!!!! It was a miracle! It was so cute! His mom got baptized about a year ago and she has been going strong at church again this last few months. So we were able to help her son get baptized! He's nine and it was a pretty special day. Afterwards when he got up to bear his testimony he was just crying and the spirit was so strong. It was so great. 
Then yeah, the family Diaz are going to get baptized this week. They are also a really really special family. I am really excited that I will get to be here for it.

Anyways, we are still working really hard here. and having as much fun as we possibly can to make the most of the last days that I have left here as a missionary. 

It all just feels really really surreal. That's the truth. I can't believe it will be over soon. But I guess it will feel more real this week.

so I will see you soon. that's weird.

I love you all. 

Goodbye Peru...

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