Monday, September 22, 2014

The week in which we went to the beach...

So the annua service project of Clean the Beaches in Perú was a real hit. This year I think I took more pictures than cleaned but I still cleaned. and picked up lots of dead animals to group them together which was gross. but still a quality service project and we got to meet up with other fun missionary friends. All in all, it was a win-win situation.

We also had an awesome lesson with Chrismar who is going to get baptized to 18 with his mom. They are so funny. We live out of the city but it's still a city. just ugly and dirtier with more houses. and they live right smash in the middle of the main road of our area only with 7 dogs, four cats a ton of ducks, chickens and cuis. It is random. but they are really good people. anyways we finally taught more about Joseph Smith and asked him a question about if he had ever felt confused. he told us that he has always wondered about if there is a life after this and all that stuff so it was cool to see that we have really been able to teach people who are prepared and who are looking for the answers to questions of the soul.

We also taught a family in which the dad is Athiest. And it was such an interesting lesson. I felt like all of the questions that he had the answers are in the Book of Mormon but he has decided to not believe in God because no one has the answers. and even though it is going to be hard to get him to have faith again, it was a really cool lesson in which we really tried to help him see how real God is in his life. It was so interesting because it was also the first time in my whole mission that I have taught someone who wasn't catholic, so we really had to change how we taught.

Anyways. our week was great! we went and cleaned the beach, got lost #typical and met up with other missionaries and had a great time haha. and took plenty of pictures and made a cool video that sorry you'll have to wait another five months to see hahah!

 Have fun travelling the world! send me lots of pictures and postcards!

les quiero!
Sista degn
 We love cleaning the beach!!! Yay!!!

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