Friday, August 22, 2014

Helllo family!

Helllo Family…
So. we live right out front of a false church did i tell you? this is us listening to their crazy screaming that goes on all night long....... we have a good time. Basically it always strenghtens my testimony listening to the crazy preachers.

so cambios are next week... and pres already told me that I will be staying here so we'll just have to wait and see who will be my new companion next Tuesday.... all that remains it to live it up this last week with hna barahona and to not get tooo trunky.. so put money on my account so we can eat pizza! and so i can help her pay to take her luggage home.....

Right, besides that things are still going great with Oscar. seriously he is so golden I can't even believe it. like wait are you sure that you know the book of mormon is true? cool. me too. so we are working so that he can get baptized the 6th. it'lll happen

So besides that we are working real hard to find families. and it's hard. because no one here is married. But yesterday we found a family of three!!! and we have a cita with them tonight so i am really excited for that!

And in other news my sweaty hand syndrome has gone wild. hahaha, this week randomly my hands just started peeling like crazy! and I lost all my skin. so I've been starting to use lotion like crazy. but it was super funny and kinda painful. but i would shake people's hands and they would leave with my skin. #awkward

This week I was reflecting a lot on the year I have had as a misisonary, I burned a shirt to mark the year mark, flimed a video, ate cheesecake, and made some goals that are going to make me stretch in the six months I have left. I also reflected alot about why I came on my mission and the book of mormon. This week I am reading in alma, and well I finished up in mosiah, but one of the things I wanted when I left on my misison was to develop a love for the book of mormon. and as I was reading this week I felt it. A deep love for the book of mormon, and a huge sense of gratitude that I get to be here serving a mission in Perú. and that I have had this book my whole life. I have always always alwyas loved reading. But this weekend I really recognized this sense of love as I was reading the book of mormon. and that is what makes this last year the best year of my life.

We also did a service project and took down two walls. I was so sore for like three days, but I got to use that killer drill you see in the background here.... it was entertaining to say the least, and I almost passed out but in the end I just worked really hard and realized how totally out of shape I am.
So that's whats new in famesa. Les Quiero!
Hermana Degn



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