Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One day...July 14, 2014

One day…
because matisyahu is playing in internet right now and it's trunking me out! #oneday.
So the weekly shennanagins... Mostly I forgot every spiritual thing I have prepped to tell you all because this morning I woke up with a huge fat lip. and really wierd skin rashes all over my face. this morning hna barahona just laughed at me as I tried like six remedies to make my face look more normal.... and then I just gave up and plastered three inches of makeup on only one part of my face and called it good. haha even though it still really hurts for some reason and I am trying not to smile so that my makeup doesn't wear off.... #highmanagement. So I guess that tells ya'll that its time to wash the sheets again. good thing its Monday, and that now I have two pairs.

Also, Alemania won la mundial which is finally over. yesterday was seriously so funny. I mean basically we watched it because everyone had it playing so loud that you could hear it always just walking around. But it was hilarious because maybe 30 people stayed for the last hour of church....... and everyone else was home watching it.......... and then we went to all of our citas and they all fell through. It was pretty comical really. We would knock on the door, you can hear the game, no one comes. yep same story. WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME AND WATCHING THE MUNDIAL!

But now its over so hopefully next Sunday will be more exitosa! hopefully. in other news this week went by real fast like normal and yeah. we found someone this week called Jail..... Well algo así the truth is I can never understand his name but you say it like jai eeel. and yeah. we contacted him one day and he told us to come by so we went and left him a Book of Mormon not really thinking he would progress at all. But then when we went back he had read the chapters we had left him and started telling us everything that had happened and he is really just so thirsty to read the Book of Mormon. It was so cool. We were teaching him about how the Holy Ghost teaches us through our feelings and how we feel when we read the Book of Mormon and he was like--yeah, I feel like that. So then we commited him to baptism in August but he works Sundays and maybe is addicted to drugs? so more to come there. hahaha. and that's all.

 Also now cambios. HB and I are still kicking it! well for other six weeks until she dies....... I can already feel the trunkiness coming. in the words of batman, there's a storm coming. #famesa

well time to go! i love you all tons!

 hermana degn

 Love this postcard!  Thanks, Dad!

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