Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Feliz fiestas patrias!

So today is the birthday of Perú! So it's a good thing that it's p-day because everyone is drunk........but anyways we are doing greeeat. The trio is coming along--even though it is really different. I really love Hermana Valladares a lot and am glad she is our companion. Also, now I really want to go and visit Chilé. Perú hates Chilé and Chilé hates Perú so I feel like I've been brainwashed into thinking Chile is some horrible plave buuuut now I am really really excited to visit one day.
So this week was good. We set a goal at the beginning as a district that each companionship would have 8 nuevos. and we worked so hard this week and did a lot of divisions to work more with members and we found 12 new people to teach! Which was awesome because about half of them aren't married..... #storyofmylife

 So besides that the elders in our ward baptized a family, President Archibald came to our consejo de barrio and he LIKED IT (i'm quoting the sandlot there..... and YOU LIKE IT......) right before the whole you play ball like a girl showdown. So it was a good week. Yesterday I contacted a dad because he was playing volleyball with his daughters and he reminded me of my dad playing volleyball with me annnnd best part? he's married! that is better than La Jolla any day. hahahaa well kinda.

So I'm doing great here. we had a ward activity and we had six investigators come.... if only that would happen Sunday.

Also fun story, last week riding home from the bus a guy was selling these balance energy bracelets and well you know me, so hna V and I each bought one and the elders were making so much fun of us. But then this week we killed it and keep trying to sell them our bracelets for 30 soles. hahah they have special powers.

with lots of love from LIMA!
Hermana Degn


At the market with the chickens! Yikes!


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