Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm a big kid now...June 23rd email

of course we are now the family that goes to bear lake when i am on a mission.....
ha its cool. i hope you guys have lots of fun now that you only have four kids! ha jk. send me lots of pictures! i never really liked bear lake anyways. #ijoke
Anyways this week i was catching up on my study of general conference. Because i missed the sunday morning session because it was in spanish. Anyways i read elder Ballard's talk about sharing what we learn in our personal study about predicad with our families. And i just loved what he said. it is super powerful so i have decided to try to include something that i have learned of that i like about PME. so this week we have really been focusing on the spirit. Being guided by the spirit, teaching by the spirit, and trusting more in god. Anyways I was reading about what it is the investigators need to feel and what we need to feel and i love the scripture in alma 19:6 that says, 'y la luz que illuminaba su mente, que era la luz de la gloria de Dios, que era una maravillosa luz de su bondad, sí esta luz había infundido tal gozo en su alma, que el nube de obscuridad se había desvanecido, y la luz de la vida eterna se había encendido dentro de su alma....´ i really like that scripture because it says so much about the power of light fighting against darkness, in predicad it talks about how important the role of the holy ghost is in conversion. and i love this example of ammon and king lamoni and how the light changed is whole core and entered into his alma. That is pretty awesome. And i have really been able to see people change as they have started to follow the light of christ.
So.... THE GOOD:
This week we made a goal as a district to each have 4 people come to church. Hna barahona and i have been so stressed beacause last week we only had one person come. But this week we made the goal! We had six people come! even though two don't count because they live in the other ward, but it was just a mom who randomly came and now the other elders are teaching her. But it was so cool to see that as we really strived to teach the importance of the sacrament and follow the spirit that everyone did what they said they would do... (well not everyone we still have like ten people who didn't come haha)
The BAD:
turns out junior really is living with his girlfriend who is a member. so he lied to us then failed his baptismal interview and then didn't come to church. But we are going to baptize him if it is the last thing we DO! But really he has changed sooooo much and he is sooooo prepared!
Like one day i was really channelling my inner 80s child..... (but in a conservative way) and this guy stopped us and asked he if could recite a poem for me about how beautiful i was and how green my eyes are and how white my skin is. like thanks a lot. and he kept trying to kiss me and hna barhona just laughed a ridiculous amount. so we just gave him a folleto and then told him where the church was. and i secretely well not really hope that he never actually comes. Which isn't all that righteous but it is what it is. and that's why i never wear makeup. #ifyoudontknownowyouknow
haha so that was the week in a nutshell. Perú is the best even if we haven't qualified for the mundial in more than twenty years. fútbol is overrated! #ilie because i am turning into a fanatic. it's inevitable. but i'm glad usa is making me proud.
love you all a whole heck of a lot.
hna degn
also pictures. because i am soooooo much taller than hna B and we have cell phones now.... did i tell you? #iphone7s #inmydreams

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