Monday, June 16, 2014


So sometimes its hard to be a missionary because you have to keep a straight face in your lessons. Like when you feel really inspired to ask your investigator if they want to be with their childen forever and they tell you no. um wrong answer. are you sure? They're your children. yep she was sure. #spiritkiller. also we had this ward activity..... see pictures from other email. and some of the members acted out the part of the bible when Abraham sacrifices his son. it is in the top five funniest moments of my mission. I haven't laughed so hard, it was soo funny. bless them-
So this week was awesome! I turned 21! and celebrated with my cake and a lot of walking hahaha not- it seems really wierd that now I am actually old enough to be a missionary and I am more than half way done. that's crazy.

Thanks for the awesome package and sorry I will have to look for that name again, but hold off on sending packages for reals without it cause I will not be able to go and pick up any more so that would be a real real bummer.
But that package was like the best thing ever! and thanks to the jacksons too! I like the whole stripe theme that we definitely have going on! Even though hna barahona likes to laugh at my fashion sense. hahah
So this week was hard. We had a lot of people drop us and then our investigator who is aweome and wants to be baptized doesn't even live in our area- like what?? We have limites? yes, yes we do hahaha

But we have been working with Junior for three-ish weeks now and he is so awesome and is changing sooo much! He came to church again yesterday and finally liked it! so we are making progress!
So sorry this is quick but I g2g. thanks for being the best family ever and happy fathers day to the best guy I know- Too bad fahers aren't as cool as mothers though cause then we'd get another phone call!

hahah i love you all so much!

Hermana Degn


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