Thursday, June 12, 2014


well thanks for all the birthday wishes! I am pretty excited to be turning 21 this week. even though it feels super wierd and kinda surreal.

but the highlights of this last week..... like how we contacted a family that lives in our building in the street. I said oh hi, we know you. so can we visit you,. and they said yes and then i said where do you live. and then they said, you know in the house. oh right. so that's awkward. and don't hold your breath, they aren't even married.

This week we were reading in the book of mormon with a converso reciente and we got to the part where is says that Lehi had two sons in the wilderness. And she got super mad, she was all WHAT another son!!! How am i supposed to keep track of them all now!! It was pretty much hilarious and so we tried to help clarify all the people in the book of mormon for her. she is quite the entertainer. She is always getting after her husband in our class on sundays and it totally cracks me up. She's got a lot of sass.

In other news we had cambios and hna barahona and i are still together. cambios go by so fast! I seriously can't even believe it! But I'm glad that we are still together. She has really helped me learn a lot about how to follow the spirit- And we get along well especially considering that we are like polar opposites- But our companionship gets stronger every day.

Also this week we taught one lesson and i tried to ask the lady a question only like 13 times and she was not understanding it. it was so funny, i was trying so hard not to laugh because i would say the question, and she didn't respond so i would try again and at the end i just passed it off to hna barahona to save it and then i just busted up laughing. i am such a spirit killer. But i just couldn't help it. It was so funny. She did not understand anything i said to her. So i guess i should take my language study more seriously or something..........

But she told us we could come back so alls well that ends well-

so my rocking family. you guys are the best- also dad the korea postcards were legit. and my companion is like super super into K-pop (korean pop music..... i think) so she was like way impressed. She has a thing for koreans and it is hilarious! Like she has all these asian people stickers that we have in our apartment and little posters and a calender now she thinks i'm cool. so you know me just swagging it out down here in perĂº with the asian fans!

oh latin america, you have everything. also this week i found my new love in chocolate and ate like three pounds. I also have this great tradition every saturday of buying tamales and having a mexican hour. it's every saturday night, when we come home and we buy tamales, drink horchata (more rice) and dance to the wierd music from the church that is right across the street. We keep it cool. pictures to come.

so thanks for all the birthday love! I'll let you know how it feels next week to be 21!

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