Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You can run, but you can't hide...

So this week we were out prowling for menos activos. There are millions here. And this week we found one and it was sooooo cool! I mean you have to find the ones who are really ready to come back and actually can.  But last night we went to one of the addresses we have from the church of members who are like suuuuuuuuuper inactive. and it was in a part of our area that we basically never go to because it is SO far away, total boonies. But we went to this house and the guy who got baptized let is in and now he is married and has FIVE kids! It was sooo cool. So we taught him and his wife lesson one and the importance of going to the temple and he was so on board and basically the only thing that he remembered was that families can be together forever. So we bore some cool testimony and the spirit was soooo strong! Man it was unreal! and then we got lost and it took us like two hours to get home. ha some things never change.

besides that we've been doing service! and it was wolfpack wednesday. #packpride. #i'mtheonlyone #ilovenature. Only because there isn't nature here. #citylyfe
have a good week! Cause i sure will!

Also last call to send me something before my birthday!! It's not too late!!! hahaha so write me maybe??
Hermana Degn



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