Sunday, June 1, 2014

Working Hard!--May 19, 2014

First, I'll just bring you up to speed with Joel and Lilia Servantes and their family. Like how they were supposed to get baptized this Saturday and then in the lesson I said a joke about the law of chasity (a super awkward one about having kids) and then Joel says, ¨well we have kids and we`re not married¨. And then hna Barahona and I just start laughing and I am their waiting for them to tell me its a joke. Spoiler alert it's not. So it was rough. We then threw down some hard doctrine and burned them and now we are at a rough spot where they are going to get married in August and we want them to get married in June. Basically we left and I still don´t know whether I should laugh or cry, But we'll get them.

 Then we found a new family this week who is MARRIED. we are triple checking now. And they are awesome buut there are both in the police so they work on sundays. And we'll see how that one goes. They are super interested which has got to count for something.

 And on a funny note this morning we went and opened the church and then the alarm went off (I mean we had the keys!!! for crying out loud) and all these people came and we were just trying to get some papers and it was a total fiasco. But good news is we finally figured out how to turn it off and were only seven minutes late to internet.

Also here is something cool, we have one investigator named Matilde. who is awesome but super frustrating because she knows the chuch is true and everything but still doesn't want to get baptized. But we did a practice this week and Hermana Barahona was pretending to be her, and it was a super frustrating practice and at the end I just really didn't know what to say or what to promise her. But Hna Barahona seriously has the gift of discernement. We went to the lesson and started teaching and Matilde was saying the same things as hna Barahona had been saying, and then I just had all the words come to me and it was so cool. So she's going to pray again. And the spirit was so strong in our lesson. So man if she doesn't accept the fecha this week it is just a lost cause. hahaha

 And that basically sums up my week. I basically feel like I am still in utah because it's cold one day and a million degrees the next day but what else is new? Well President Archibald has told us how important it is to be a missionary 24/7. So i've been working really hard to apply that. As in my mouth is always running but that even when we are in our house I am thinking about baptism or investigators or scriptures or something. Well this morning the alarm went off and in my dream someone was handing me my mail, letters and postcards, and there were a ton of photos of you guys. Well deciding to wake up on time this morning was SO hard, and sleeping isn't even restful anymore because i'm just doing missionary work. Some advice. at least the good news is that all my dreams are in spanish. #WORK. hahaha
okay sure love you!

 Also dad love the sweet taiwan story! Let's just say that a lot of times I've asked my investgators how was jesucristo baptized? trying to get to the point of immersion, or by juan el bautista, Well the answer is always In a river. and then we really have to back track because dang we don't baptize in rivers. Just fonts these days. But it always gives us a good laugh-
or how this week I tried to make a joke and said that Jesus was baptized by juan el taxista not juan el bautista. I know, I'm a spirit killer. But our investigator laughed soooo hard it was so worth it.
and thats all. I tried to make it long to make up for the last two weeks haha
Love you all!

Also the birthday of everyone's favorite missionary is coming up soon. (cough, cough) It's my only one so feel free to spoil me.
Hermana Degn


p.s. my scripture of the week is mosiah 4:10. and maybe if i have time next week i'll tell you why.


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