Sunday, June 1, 2014

This is the way I live...

This is the way I live…
So the story of my life is that basically I have a missionary super power. I can get into any house. Literally it's pretty cool. The elders are all super jealous because every week I have at least ten new investigators. but my achilles heel is that I can never seem to baptize any of them. Ever. Like when they have fechas something happens like you think they are married but they aren't. or some dumb relative tells them something and then they never open the door again. Or you get bit by their dog and are too scared to go back. (hahah okay that last one isn't completely true). I'm just here waiting for all those miracles that supposedly come when you are exactly obediente. They should be coming anyday now, because we are sooooo obediente here. But still my superpower is pretty awesome. It makes for a lotta laughs every day.
So this week we have been teaching Teonila, Dana, and Alisia. Alisia is a member who is way inactive and Teonila is her mom. Dana is her eight year old sister who wants to get baptized too but her mom sells alcohol. And it's like the longest story ever but do you ask someone to give up her living and walk by faith? welll you pray A LOT and teach a cool lesson about obedience and talk to her about elias el profeta and then she still says no. But we are gonna keep praying a lot so that she can get baptized. She wants to she just won't have a job.

Also yesterday we were walking to a lesson and passed a group of tenish people. Family?????? Yes. So we stop them I say some joke, tell them to invite us in their house and we ended up teaching five women the restoration and then about birth control. It was different. Hermana Barahona and I were dying. First they all told us they are catholic and then I said well soon you will all be mormons. and the one who really wanted to talk to us (she is 82, I have a gift with old people) slept the whole time. It was pretty hilarious. But no one is breaking the law of chasity so maybe in six months they'll get baptized. If I pray really hard???
We also had another lesson yesterday with Karla. She is also new. Well she asked us who John the Baptist was after I taught her that Jesus went to him to be baptized because he has the priesthood. you don't know who john the baptist is??? You are catholic for crying out loud!!! Everyone and their dog knows that he baptised Jesus here! Even los testigos de jehovoh know who he is! And long story short I didn't know the answer. That's embarassing. But then I went into a long story of well he is Jesus´ cousin, son of Elizabeth and Zacharias...... etc. and hna barahona saved it with he was a profet. ok cool. that was easy I guess.
So those are some oh the highlights??? and here is a snapshot of the way I live, my desk and my area. high life right here.

and that's basically it. So if you are going to share the gospel this week maybe you should make sure you know who baptized jesus. I guess that's kinda imortant.

love you all!

The view from my desk... 

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