Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

Well, lets just say that I love America. the land of boneless chicken, ice, cheap fast food, carpet, target and walmart, but mostly boneless chicken. who knew that was such an undervalued comodity? well guess what--it is. like yesterday we were eating and I was picking out my chicken and there was the heart. #ifyoudon'tknownowyouknow. so thanks but no thanks. and you know I've been here a long time, because I ate it.

So we celebrated the 4th with flags, the beach, happiness, transformer oreos, peanut butter, and cheescake. It was kinda like a dream. I am a big fan. the only thing that was missing was the sun, getting in the water (but not really, it was nasty), hotdogs, potato chips, and yeah. I think that pretty much covers it. haha

So basically I feel like every week just FLIES by and here I am one week later with no idea in what I should tell ya'll because i just told you everything last week but it's cool. I´ll try to do a good re'cap.
But first I'll tell you about my pday last week when we went to the beach, checked out a sweet old boat, played some good old fĂștbol in which I scored TWO goals #winning. (it was the jersey) and then when we were walking back to head home we caught a ride on a super sweet decked out bus that took us all the way (about an hour trip) for only one sole! cada quien! those are some real blessings right there!

It's finally starting to really get cold here. mostly at night beacuse we don't have heating or insulation. whose idea was that? I do not know but it was a bad one. Besides that things are still moving along. We are teaching some part-member families and are always looking for new people. this week we contacted some false families. like thanks for nothing. One of them was what appeared to be a mom and dad and two kids but turned out to be a boyfriend girlfriend with her two nieces, but don't worry she also happens to be a member and now we are teaching her nephew. So in the end, it all works out!
We are just keeping on sharing the gospel and laughing a lot along the way. sure love you guys! I am still sure that i have the best family out there!
hna degn

 also thanks for my sweet birthday present...... my real madrid jersey. and here i am showing off my not so great soccer skills representing #realmadrid
 so here is a good example of the wildlife here mom. hahahah spoiler alert: its dead. and smelt terrible- but it reminds me of my english class in high school where we talked a ton about a poem or book that talked about the sailor that killed that bird but now i can't remember the name or any details only that i liked it..... so that's kinda embaraassing, i kinda miss google.
your wildlife wins. #yellowstone








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