Monday, July 7, 2014

For the win...June 30th email

Because in the mundial costa rica is all the rage. good to know that the games seem to be worth all the hype.

so this week was good. we had a multi-zona, interviews with president archibald, junior got baptized, we almost got robbed. all good semi-normal things really haha

so quickly. Junior got baptized and afterward it was so cute because he was soooo happy. It was really great. also yeah. this week just flew by. like for reals.

so things are going good, this will be short and sweet because today we are going to the beach. but i will actually believe it when we get there. i remember what happened last time the elders told me we were going to go somewhere........

Basically in two words this week was? RADICAL MADDNESS.  We had some good lessons, talked to a lot of people, in which the vast majority of we got stood up. saturday we spent all day at the chapel and kept setting off the security alarm. good to know that it kinda works. and Junior got baptized even though friday we were dead certain that it wasn't going to happen. Basically he hadn't answered his phone for maybe four days, and so friday we went into stalker mode and maybe just waited by where he works so that we could talk to him and short story longer saturday everything went perfect and now he is a member of the church. let's go peru.

so much for being all spiritual like last week...... well i'll keep working on that goal haha.

this week was also the famous part of san pedro, ( the area in which we live) so everyone has been partying hard and the fireworks are so nuts here, especially when they are all so drunk.


hermana degn

p.s. we went to mcdonalds and they had pancakes! it was kinda really sorta a dream come true.


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