Sunday, October 27, 2013

72 days as a Missionary!

Well I think congragulations are in order. Thursday will be my 72nd day as a missionary!  I'm proud. It's the little things ya know? Speaking of the phrase "ya know" I adopted that into my everyday vocab here, sabe. I laugh every time because I sound like Johnny Depp in Pirates, 'Savvy'. My comp never gets it... obvi. But I think I am hilarious. This past week we celebrated the bithday of Elder Perez. It was vastly entertaining. We threw eggs and him, slammed his face in the cake.... Man quite the party- Ha it was hilarious- Also the cake......delish- Yet another reason why my wardrobe is rapidly shrinking- (sidenote I did expand it a little this week, I've started ironing with my hair straightner- It kinda works. The only problem is that now my orange shirt is about seven different shades. and still wrinkly) Back to the party. It was a surprise and super funny and our pensionista family is just the best. They are all so so awesome. So here is a picture of me, hna R, Elder Perez and Elder Riquelme. Also there's a picture of Elder Perez and Hna Lucy and her kids. So you can see who I spend the majority of my time with. We are a little family here. I love it.

 In other news last week we purchased a shower curtain. Man let me just tell you that the quality of my shower has drastically improved. Who knew that could make such a difference. Well it does. It is held up with tape so I kinda just feel like I am back in college.

 This week we got the clear to start working more. We are still on a bit of a modified sched. but it is much better! And after this week we should get the clear from the doctor to go back to normal------ fingers crossed!
We had a zone conference which was really awesome and I had my first interview with President Archibald which was nice. I really like him. He has challenged us to get one baptism a week. Yeah. So this week we are going to find people ready to get baptized! And we are dropping all of our currents investigators because they won't get baptized. So we've got work to do. Also yeah maybe I say all... well really we only have one. and we're letting him go. So I will update more on that next week.

 Also Hna Archibald came out and did splits with us. Yeah talk about the most nerve wracking afternoon of my life! I just kept praying that people would be home and we wouldn't get lost and that they would understand me. Well, it worked out okay. She is awesome and I really love her, and we found some new people to teach as well as taught a really awesome lesson. So all's well that end's well. Even though I about had a heart attack I was so stressed during the whole thing.

 So back to business. I´m doing good! We are working more every day which is a big blessing because I am almost finished with Jesus the Christ. But hey, I've really learned a lot and during our ZC I sounded pretty smart when I threw out a few references. Until no one understood what I was actually saying ha- poco a poco. Also this week my hair miraculously was really straight for some reason (at least in the front) and Hna Cisneros asked me if I had straightened it- Well my response was "like i've got time on my hands". So when all else fails I just quote "That Thing You Do" and call it a day.
 Very good. -TB Player

 With a lot of love and affection and a tiny bit of exasperation (nah, kidding)

 Hermana Degn


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