Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Two months down!!

Not that I'm counting down it just kinda blows my mind that I've been on my mission for two months. Sometimes the days drag on but then P-day comes and its like wow what even happened this week. I don't know. So updates on Hermana Rodriguez. We went back to the doctor and the good news is she doesn't need surgery. The bad news is that we are still on a bit of a modified schedule and can't do a lot of contacting because we aren't supposed to walk very far and all the jaxx for another two weeks so her knee can get better. Well its a bit maddening but its fine because after the trip to the hospital we went to the best burrito place ever. I had a burritto that was better than cafe rio and chipotle combined. Straight up it was soooo good. and huge. and I drank it with this bomb limade so that was awesome- And it was this cool hipster scene plus it even had a nice bathroom. (as in there was a toilet seat and toilet paper, so bascially on a bathroom scale of 7-eleven to barnes&noble it was a marriott, straight up) But to help you grasp just how good this burritto was the hospital is in the Lima Noth mission and it is in the Lima Sur mission and we still went there to eat-.And boy is it worth it. Also that drive! Turns out there is part of Lima that is pretty! It's right on the coast and there are some amazing waves! It was a great fieldtrip.Even though my seat in our car wasn't really connected to anything nor wear their seatbelts. Good news Lima is pretty, other news is I found out a way of driving that makes me sicker than just driving in the mountains.

 Well this week we also did exchanges. (I don't really know what there called to be honest) but I went with Hna. Banbroum, one of the sister leaders, to her area El Olividar.(sp?? no se) It was awesome! For reals like a vacation! She is from California so we got to speak english and we taught a bunch of lessons and I learned so much! It was awesome! One cool spiritual experience was when we taught a woman named Liset- We just talked to her on the street for a minute and then she invited us in. It was really cool teaching her because I felt like the spanish was pretty clear so that she could understand my testimony. It was a pretty cool feeling. We taught her about Joseph Smith which I love doing because it always brings the strongest spirit! Well Olividar is a nicer area than where I am but I hope I don't go there permanently any time soon because they don't have a pensionista AND they have to do their own laundry! Ah, it just sounds awful. This week we've had a change to our schedule and have a new rule that we aren't supposed to leave for breakfast. Well unforunately breakfast has taken a bit of a hit. No more fresh jiuces, avacados, fresh bread, eggs..excetera ect. I can't imagaine what would happen if we didn't have Hermana Lucy for our other meals. (actually I know what would happen. we would starve, but I would be skinny again sooooo, nah, not worth it) Because for reals I could proabably write a whole email just about food alone! It is SOOOOO good here. granted there is a lot of rice. but I don't really mind it. Also you will all be happy to know that I have gotten over my food touching. Like way over that- I am turning into a not so picky eater. Straight up . I've already eaten octupus. with tenticales on it. and I LIKED IT. Plus we eat this fish sometimes and the head is still attatched, and I eat it- and not just eat I have a new talent where I pick the bones clean. Its digusting. I put meat in my mouth and spit out the bones. I should put that on my dating resume when I get home because I find it impressive.

 So basically we are on a modified schedule until hermana R's leg gets better. or for two weeks. AHH! But todo bien, I am learning the art of patience....slowly. Ha see what I did there? But everything is going good. Life is good! We have some good appointments lined up for this week which I am really looking forward to! Thanks for the emails! I love you guys soooo much!

 all my love,

Hermana Degn

p.s. for family night tonight will you guys all write letters to hna rodriguez and mail them tomorrow!!! Please plese please! You guys can practice your spanish and a little english, but it would be awesome if she got mail too! A lot of it!






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