Monday, September 30, 2013


That´s my first area and its the bomb. I mean yes it does kind of look like one went off here, but I think that adds to the overall charm of the place haha-

Well, what I week, I don't even really know where to start. My comp is great!! Her name is Hermana Rodriguez and she is from Argentina. She is 22 and has been a member of the church for two years which is pretty cool. She is so awesome! She speaks about zero english though which makes for some very interesting days and nights. But its good. I´m learning spanish slowly but surely. This week was seriously so awesome! I am so pumped to be out in the field! Hna. Rodriguez and I are really lucky and we live right next to the chapel. Also our apartment or more accurately our room has really nice wood floors and electricty- and if we plug in our shower for longer than 30 minutes there is hot water! Not very much but its something. We are very lucky!! I am learning so much here and am trying to work really hard. This week a lot of things definitely went way over my head. Ha I never know anything. But I´m excited for this week with a little bit more experience under my belt and a better idea of everything. Right now I kinda feel like a lost puppy dog and I just follow Hna Rodriguez around. The people here though are so awesome! I love it!

Dad, you´ll love this but for our meals we eat at Hna. Lucy´s house- She is our 'mom' here and makes all our meals. She is the best! She also has three adorable kids. But Hna. Rodriguez and I eat all our meals there with two other elders and it is a party! I understand very little of all the jokes and funny things said but it is still probably my favorite time of the day! Hands down- During lunch on my second day here I was just thinking that this is the way to live in any country. There was some spanish music on in the background and we were eating ceviche (which is delicious by the way) and I was just loving my life. And then we went to work, don´t worry- That part is good too! We taught a few lessons this week that went really well. (I think) And did a lot of street contacting which is where my true talent is. Everyone is totally up to listen to me beause I am from the US, obvi. So that's nice.

So Yeah, I am doing great. Everyday I understand more and more. Which is nice, although one night we were teaching in a house and in the other room their kids were listening to the soundtrack of Teen Beach Movie. So that was fun. I was singing those lyrics all night. Also the food. The food here is soooo good!!! really love it.

One really funny thing heppened. I was showing a picture of our family to a little boy here, Diego, and he asked why Abby and I were the only white ones. So yeah that was pretty funny- sorry Abs

Con todo mi corazon,

Hermana degn

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