Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's the Final Countdown!!

Hi family thanks for all the notes this week! Well here it is my last week at the CCM. And just a heads up next week I leave on my pday so I won't be able to write. obvi. But I think the mission secretary sends you an email so you can know if I am alive or not. Ha, chiste chiste. Okay well since this is my last email from the CCm I thought I would just sum up the highlights so without further ado...
My top ten: ( it`s like sports center no?)
1. FUTBOL! Nuff said. I love soccer now. Who knew?
2. Asking for sin instead of sin for dinner. They`re basically the same word (pescado y pecado) but my whole district was dying as well as the poor cafeteria lady. But hey I still ended up with fish, so todo bien.
3. Tea & toast. My favorite part of the day, twice a day. After dinner and before breakfast. We also talk in British accents to up our classiness
4. Temple Tuesdays.
5. Churros! (but don`t worry grandpa, I don't eat them anymore! Not because I think they made anyone sick but because they made it a rule after the plague broke out)
6. Being forgotten. So cool story. This one time (last tuesday) we were supposed to watch the devo broadcasted from the provo mtc.... well everyone leaves for their missions every other tuesday so there were about 50 of us here. Which first off how awesome is that!?! And second everyone forgot about us. So we went to watch it in the chapel and literally NO ONE else was here to turn it on for us. We ended up having an impromtu testimony meeting that was so good! And it turned into one of my favorite nights.
7.District volleyball. Let's just say I've still got game.
8. My district. Who knew I could love them this much at the beginning?
9. Proselyting. That was definitely the best day so far. Just sooo good.
10. Elder Cook. Need I say more?
Basically its been one roller coaster of a month and I am so pumped to go in the field.
also just because.....
The Five things I miss most about America! (like my not top ten) eh?
1. Cheese!!!! ah what I wouldn`t do for some cheese! Even string cheese! I miss cheese!!!!
2. Hot water. Yep, needless to say I have no problem with the five minute shower rule.
3. Never seeing the back of my hair. Its actually probably a blessing.
4. the Sun. Yeah winter is just ending here but it is always overcast-
5. Music. who knew I listened to music so much!
and of course you! I love you all so much! Have an awesome few weeks!
hermana degn

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