Thursday, September 12, 2013


How is everyone? Today we went on a fieldtrip proselyting! It was about 10x as awesome as P-day. Also, needless to say I am still going to have culture shock for a while. I honestly wish I could adequately put into words how poor the people are here. We drove about an hour away from the CCM and it was incredibly humbling to drive through so many shanty towns and then to walk through them. It was similar to swimming through dirt but also one of the best experiences! We switched up companionships so my comp for the day was Hermana Thiel- she is so awesome! Both of us struggle with Spanish but I had such an amazing time talking with the people. It was really awesome and humbling to talk with them! Even though our Spanish was bad they were so patient and willing to listen. In fact at the first door we knocked on I asked it we could share a message about Jesus Christ. Well she said yes and then I was so completely shocked I had no idea what to say next, I just totally forgot what our message was. Haha thats the best thing about having a companion. Hna. Thiel and I made a great team! My favorite person that we talked to was named Johnny. He was so awesome. We probably talked to him for 45ish minutes and it was just amazing. He had a lot of questions for us that we really struggled to answer because he would talk so fast. Then say sí or no, and Hna Thiel and I would look at each other and shrug. haha, He could see that our Spanish was bad and helped us out a bit. He started talking slower and we bore testimony a lot and tried to answer his questions the best we could. In the end we gave him a Book of Mormon and got his name and address so the missionaries could go back. I loved talking to him because he would just laugh with us when we would mess up on words or didn´t know how to say anything. What a day. I would pray every time that I opedned my mouth that Heavenly Father would fill it with what I needed to say. The whole day I kept repeating D&C6:36 (i think?) in my mind. "look unto me in every thought, doubt not fear not." While talking every time was still a struggle and I could never really express what I wanted to I know that Heavenly father was still able to work through Hna. Thiel and I. Even if we were just planting really small seeds. It was an awesome day! although definitely so exhausting, both spiritually and physically.

And sidenote there are so many dogs here! It is unreal. I thought everyone was exagerating. well they weren´t. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! It´s a bit nuts. Other highlights this week included being seranded by some of the Latino Elders. The ones here this week were very out going which was really fun except for the fact that they do not quite understand the Elder/Hermana relationship. for example one told me that he thought I was beautiful and then sang Bruno Mars to me (because they all love Bruno Mars for some reason). Basically I found my future husband! Ha, Chiste, obvi. It was pretty hilar though.

The rest of the week was really awesome too! Yesterday was sad because my favorite district left! (but now we are the oldest eeek) There is a picture attatched of my district and that district. (the hermanas) they are for real the greatest! And they are going to be stellar missionaries!

Now back to my highlights of the week:

District volleyball. Lets just say I still have game and my district is pretty rad. We have an awesome time together. Which is good since we literally spend SO much time together. But I love them all!

Also our ride home from the temple today was crazy. The bus was so jampacked but we just got on anyways. Also you can just stand on the side of the road anywhere and busses stop to pick you up. It´s a bit nerve wracking. Especially when there are other cars honking and going crazy because the bus is just stopped- Everytime I get on I think of the Knight bus from Harry Potter. (I swear one bus even had shrieking heads). That is a pretty accurate description though-only here the busses are crazier. And the driving is about the same level of recklessness and speed only they are not wizards and nothing moves for them. We also j-walk a lot. Eveyone does ( ah the thrill of it all) but that is like real like frogger. Pedestrians never have right of way here so good thing I have so much practice with both frogger and J-walking. (I´ve done it with golf clubs before which I think is pretty impressive)

Well my time is winding down. So here is a special shout out to Rosemary and Penelope! Thanks for reading my blog! I sure love and miss you cute girls! Also have an extra piece of devils food this week for me! I will have to tell Hna Blotter a story about Stuart and maybe we will have chocolate cookies to celebrate his life.

All my love,

Hermana Degn


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