Thursday, September 5, 2013

Literally we are halfway through our MTC time. (WHAAAT?!) and yes also literally we are living on a prayer. I have definitely never prayed this much in my whole life. Seriously though, if we added up all the prayers I´ve ever said I think I have said more in the past three weeks- I mean at the very least we pray 15 times a day. Also I have random songs get stuck in my head all the time! and we can´t listen to music here, sooooo its sometimes rough to get them out. For instance yesterday in our language class we were doing a por y para practice scenario and it used the word gasolina.... Well I have had the gasolina song by daddy yankee stuck in my head ever since. Most def not mission appropiate but my spanish teacher was way impressed that I had heard it before. So that´s cool.

It´s basically like the walking dead here at the CCM- people are just dropping like flies. Actually not really anymore but we were all sick this past week. It was basically an infirmary. with Quarantines and everything. You would see people at breakfast and then two days later you would see them again. Ha good news is its all behind us! And everyone (myself included) is healthy again.

Let´s see unfortunately they have now banned churros due to the walking dead status which is a real bummer. Basically I would eat a churro a day and probably go home 400 lbs, and be proud of it. Then I would dedicate the rest of my life to bringing them to America. That is how good the churros are. Today was rough not being able to get one. But we went to some cool shops. There was a crazy meet market with just hunks of meet hanging and plucked chickens hanging. So that was interesting. Speaking of food, thanks so much for the treats! and the dried mangos! They were the best! Even though I eat about three pounds of rice a day I feel like I´m never full. It´s a real problem. And yet they have killer flan and soft serve ice cream so obviously I´m over that problem.

This week we played futbol a bunch and it is seriously soooo fun! I love futbol now! I am pretty terrible but did take out an elder earlier this week. I just had all this energy that had to go somewhere.

Also reading.... well I finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday! I was pretty pumped! 18 days what what. Sunday was awesome. We listened to a talk from Elder Bednar that was so good. I loved it! It is really cool to be able to learn so much about the gospel here. Also spanish is coming fine. It´s very rough around the edges but I am anxious to get out in the field and really learn it. I can give the restoration lesson pretty well but can´t really carry out a normal conversation. Unless they want me to teach them how to pray.

Also I am so happy here! don´t worry about that! The CCM is relatively small so you get to know everyone really well!! I love P-days and time has really starting to fly by. (seriously I feel like we had p-day yesterday) This past week was so good. Hna Blotter really stepped it up in our lessons and talked a lot more. And we just have a ball hanging with the other hermanas here- I miss you guys a lot but really look forward to emailing you every week! thank you guys so much for all the awesome notes! I loved them! Plus I loved the cards you know me too well mom. I thought of you on Sunday during our lunch. We eat before the elders and somehow we always end up talking about movies- well last week it was the great gatsby (Ihave never wanted to see it until that moment and this week it was You´ve got mail) well needless to say it was a pretty enjoyable hour. Also You´ve got mail really are the best three words. obvi. I´m obsessed. Thank your for all emails as well. We have also had the parent trap meal as well. It was the best. (Can someone hand me my Evian bottle? I pull that one all the time)

Anyways I´m going to end this so I can send more pictures!!! LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!!


Hermana Degn


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