Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not so bad, Could be worse...

Not so bad, Could be worse...
Well Elder Cook came and spoke to us here! It was great! We had a question and answer session which was really awesome. One of the things he was asked was how do we stay happy. He talked about the Russian translation of the song Come come yea saints. Insead of all is well, the literal translation is Not so bad, Could be worse. Well seeing as all of us here are completely starved for entertainment we were cracking up over that one and its been quite the joke here at the CCM. and its pretty aplicable. A bunch of missionaries left yesterday which was pretty sad, but now we are done being the sevies here!! #holla. (thats for you maf, #hashtag) We have our own lunch table and are no longer the newbies. Its a pretty big deal. Now we're the eighth graders here which has been pretty sweet so far. We are trying to claim the best table right now while its up for grabs. (it´s right next to the microwave which is just PRIME condition) We are also district 12 so we make hunger game jokes all the time and are challenging district 11 for it. *Spoiler alert in the book we win!!*
Anyways the week and weekend were good. Time definitely started moving faster which was nice and I feel like I am really picking up Spanish. We´ve been teaching our investigators- and it´s been going well. Except Peruvians talk so softly and don´t look at you so not only can you not understand but you can´t even hear them! Rough! Unfortunaely the only question I did understand was why did Jose smith have so many wives? Yeah not excited about that one. I stumbled through an answer and if she could decipher my spanish I actually think it was pretty accurate. Needless to say I have now thoroughly researched that topic. I am still trying to finish the Book of Mormon this week but am definitely behind. I am in Alma right now, but I love reading. There are SO many stories about missionary work that I haven´t really paid attention to before. So it´s neat to read it from this perspective.
On P-days we take the bus into the city and go to the temple which is awesome! In the session it is always funny because its majority missionaries (There are only 25 seats anyways) Also the peruvian women are so short and tiny! I just love talking to them in the Chapel while we wait but that also means that my dress is always SOOO short. And my feet are so big they don´t even have slippers in that size so I have to wear the men´s shoes which incidentaly are a pain to take on and off. Today was neat though my mission president and his wife were the witness couple. SO COOL! I got to talk to them in the Celestial room for a bit and I am just so excited to get out into the field. They also say that Hna. Morgan is tearing it up, and they told me about a few other sisters that I cannot wait to meet! After the temple our district has about two hours to shop and look around. (guess what garments here are about 37 cents!) Score! It´s awesome. Also THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE AND LETTER! I am so excited to read them! I saw Tyler and met his wife today at the Temple. He is soo nice, bless him! But Elder Christensen just gave me my package so I haven´t opened it yet. But thanks is advance I am WAY excited! Also Elder Christensen says thanks as well! You guys are seriously the best I love and miss you all! Thanks for the email! And you guys looked so good in all your color run gear. I am glad you had such a fun time! It really is a party huh? Yeah that was a blast. How did I get so lucky? You guys looked aweosme though! You should print out some pics and mail them to me! I was thinking about you guys that day and had two desserts since I new you all would be working them off for me!
Speaking of the food, Zach get ready for the nuncas and the siempres. It is a little rough, but eventually evens out(i think) just balance rice with juice and you should be fine.And lets just say that I will definitely be gaining weight because all i eat is bread, rice, more rice, and more bread. Seriously one meal they tried to do american past. (it was ravoli, I regret that one time i didn´t like it because this was worse) and the served it with a seperate plate which was just a side of rice! and then I ate that and rolls because the rolls taste good. yeah, the meals are definitely a roller coaster here. But when Pres. Cook came we saw some serious improvements. Hello soft serve ice cream. Also with how much rice they serve you would think it would be endless and thats the one thing you can count on but no! Last week we were late and they ran out of rice! Ayyame! It was rough. At least I can alwasy count on my tea.
The coolest thing was definitely Pres. Cook. He gave us an apostalic blessing which was so powerful and awesome, and we got to shake his hand. Yeah life is good. I can´t wait to be in the field! I sure love you and miss you!
Hermana Degn

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