Thursday, October 31, 2013

Isn't my dog cute?!

Well first off this is my official apology for this letter because this week just went by really fast and I don't really remember very much.

 So the spanish... good news is I basically understand the majority of everything- It's a big step, thank you Holy Ghost. Bad news is I realize that saying si to everything has gotten me into a bit of trouble. But thats why I have a companion who understands spanish and can correct me after I say that yeah in Utah we believe in fantasmas.... Psych. we really don't actually-
Learn something new everyday right? This week we did a lot of service! Yay! Love it! Also sometimes I forget that I am living in a third world country. and that lasts for like ten minutes because then we go and nail cardboard together to make walls for someone to help an hermana have a warmer house. There are definitely a lot of humbling moments here. Also I realize that Hna Rod and I are getting the shaft with our apartment. We moved some elders-.... out of a apartment that was already 3x the size of ours. As in one of the rooms was bigger than our whole apartment. Which is one room. But I mean they have a kitchen! And a sink inside their apartment!! Such Luxury! And we moved them into an apartment thats even bigger! With two bathrooms! Who even needs two bathrooms anyways? we have a shower curtain!
But we really recieved a lot of blessings. Like the uncle of one of our investigators read SIX chapters of the book of mormon and asked us all these questions about it. SIX! and we hadn't even been teaching him! Tender mercy of the lord right there. We are having a family home evening with them tonight which will be good. I am super pumped to see how it goes.

 We are back in business though this week so we'll be working hard. Cause we need to find some people to teach. Also looking at this picture reminds me how I regret bringing so much stuff with the color run on it. because how do you explain that in spanish? I dont know. But now Elder Perez and Riquelme are under the impression that I was a professional runner. Spoiler alert, I wasn't and now there is all this pressure on me to be in shape when we play futbol today. Curse spanish- One day I'll be able to stay out of these sticky situations that I find myself in. Like this week apparently I also told one elder that after the mission we date. Hey I didn't know what he was saying, my go-to answer is just always a smile and si. Well people have started taking advantage of that. I also have learned that prestome not sure on spelling there, but I agreed to give someone my camera, my scriptures, my eyes, my dinner.... the list goes on. Finally I figured out what it meant when everyone started trying to eat my food. You can imagine how that went down, you've seen kung fu panda. Aint't no one gonna take my fried banana.

 Also Sunday was the primary program. Ah Just a few fun differences being-- the dog trying to participate and the other kids trying to play the piano with the elder who was playing. Ah solid entertainment.... Girls I'm sure yours was great too! Wish I could have seen it!

 So yeah, with much love,

Hermana degn




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