Monday, January 20, 2014

Another day in Paradise...

Only it was a week. and Perú isn't paradise buuut I am out of good subject lines. So dad here are some pictures of some of the members we have been working with and re-activating. Man it has been awesome. I have SO much love for these two families. They are seriously so so amazing. It has been so cool working with them. I really don't even have words to sum up all the sweet moments I have had working with these two families. There is familia caballero that is two sisters and their mom. They are the funniest old ladies you will ever meet. And we are working with getting them to the temple which I am so pumped for! They have been inactive for almost three years but they have super strong testimonies. We visit them every Sunday and it is always a riot. Gotta love that.

Also, the other family is Nestor and Bertha who have been such a miracle for us! I am so blown away by how much they are now progressing on their own! It is a beautiful thing to have been able to work with them. They have seriously been inactive ever since they got baptized and working with them is amazing! My faith has grown so much and know they are woking on getting sealed! Which is amazing considering that they got married after they got baptized, it just never works out that way.....

Anyways wow you guys are having the sisters over for dinner! Fun! I hope you guys are moving the work along there in little old south jordan. You really can have missionary experiences anywhere! But really emily tells me how the work is moving in cardston and it is amazing!

Also funny side note.... I got FRIED this week. I went out to pro for a work visit for a day and came back a tomatoe. So sorry dad. I really am going to end up with skin cancer no matter how much sunscreen I use. Also everyone here uses so much sunscreen and it is so funny to me because they are all soooo dark and I feel like it does nothing??? but for reals its like there are a million mr. sirs. walking around here. Brown face and white nose. haha to good.

 love you all lots.
Hermana Degn

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