Monday, February 3, 2014

Blame it on the rain...or the week I turn into Hermione Granger...

So this week was good. Basically Sunday was just the best. Let me break it down. We were at church and no one came. and then ten minutes late. (well really 45minutes late, but the meeting had only been going for ten minutes) and five of our investigators showed up! It was awesome. It was total choas! and Hna Rodriguez left me to sit with another family so I ended up sitting with FOUR investigators and all four were trying to get me to explain what the santa cena is. so that was fun. Plus one of our investigators (Alberto) wow he is the best. He reminds me soooo much of grandpa. and Moroni. Basically he is a mix of them both and this was his first week coming to church and it was the best. I was like a giddy school girl all day. Except he was sitting SO close to me. probably inappropiate but it's fine because he is more than 60 years old. He is basically the best! We are working for him to get baptized this month buuuut he isn't quite ready to give up in futbol games on sundays...... oh perú. But he came this past week so we are halfway there.

And then as if my day couldn't get any better we went had a bomb lesson with a new investigator and we walking to our next appointment when guess what song i heard? yep. blame it on the rain. Milli vanilli made it to PERÚ! I know, prayers really are answered- This past week I had been daydreaming about sundays at home with nachos and football. (I mean the superbowl is coming up and I am really really sad about misisng that, GO SEAHAWKS. I've got money on them) and who knew I would miss that so much, but I do. But someone was blasting their milli vanilli songs and it just kinda made my whole week.

Also this week we started an aerobics class in the morning with some of the sisters in our ward. Can you say my life is awesome. because it is. I freaking love it. And all that p90x that I kinda sorta didn't really do has really paid off- I am a star in this class. For reals my form and rythym is real good. so that's all for now. Cambios are tomorrow. Buuuut I think hna r and I will still be here next week. So wish me luck.

all my love Hna Degn

also here is my chapel.

also ps. I maybe sorta kinda got my hair permed this week. It's called I am a sucker and cannot say no to save my life! (she was an investigator and its a long story??) and lets just say I'm pretty sure I am re-living mom's senior year. Short triangle frizz. You would thinkI would learn. Also the only thing I learned from Legally Blonde is that if you wash it within 24 hours its all good. LIES. Let's just say I look like a lion a lot. (humidy+really tight perm = mistake) I just didn't have enough evers memorized to the "A perm is always always a bad idea." hahahaha


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