Monday, February 17, 2014

From Peru, with love...

So thanks for the update on life in sojo. everyone seems to be dancing it up these days. It's good to know you all learned from the best but sorry I can't help you out with my awesome dance skills from Perú.

Well this week seriously went by sooooo fast. But it was great. but i did miss Florence chocolates for sure! like majorly. but on a high note our fav menos active family gave us both flowers, matching bows and Yossybel painted our nails while we talked about the importance of temple marriage. It was great. Seriously they are hilarious. They are a 20 year old couple with a one year old baby who live with her family and we are teaching the wife of her dad who isn't her mom and also has a little baby. Can you say father of the bride? only wierder?? ha, They are hilarious to spend time with and now have the goal to get sealed!! Yay! Plus I have a great manicure. which you know, when someone loves you enough to paint your nails you know the spirit has been working. right so maybe that isn't the best strategy but lets just say that Yossybel (the wife) really needs friends.(LIKE DESPERATELY!) and her step-mom (??) too. So we do our best to be great friends with them and teach with the spirit. It's a hard balance. but for the most part we do alright. And they def provide us with a lot of comic relief. Like tons. Seriously they believe their house is haunted. Sometimes it is really hard to keep a straight face in our lessons. But Valentine's Day was great. Hna Jiménez and I are really loved. Which is great. plus mom, I love that necklace you gave me! #randomsidenote

Anyways we really do work super hard! PROMISE! But it was a holiday??... but we do! like this week we had FIVE investigators in sacrament mtg. and one of them is Jean. Who we found this week. He is so awesome. Like will be baptized pronto- He is 27 and is here in Lima studying and is so awkward. ha bless his poor heart but it is super endearing. ha, and he is reading in the book of mormon and doing great things and he came to church and everyone was shocked that he wasn't a member and my heart just swelled with pride. Seriously though, I love Jean almost as much as I love Perú! Which is saying something!

I LOVE PERÚ! This week one of the recent members we are working with. (Patrick, he is a DRAMA QUEEN) buuuuttt we are really pushing with him to go on a mission. Anyways, he showed us this totally sick video about Perú, Nebraska- Seriously go check it out. It has nothing to do with the church, but he was dying to show us. He said, "Hermana Degn you have to watch this. It's about America and Perú. Basically it's about us because youre American and I'm Perú and now you know how cool Perú is and its changed your life.". Well I just can't say no?? so we watched it. It's 15 minutes and its on youtube. and then after we talked about the law of chastity. so trust me, we deserved to watch this video. hahaha But I really am so grateful for it. Because that night I reallized just how much I love Perú. I love it here. This culture is so rich and filled with so many great people. I watched this video and I was filled with so much Peruvian pride. It really made me look around and realize how lucky I am to be here and how great Perú is. It ended up being such a tender mercy for me. Because I complain all the time that Uruguay is so much prettier than Perú...... um cough.... haha okay maybe not all the time. But I could definitely be a lot more grateful to be in Perú. I mean I really could love it more. But watching this video I realized how much I really do love Perú. and I don't even have enough adaquate words to express it- Perú is amazing. I basically only know a super small part. (legit, treból is like six minutes away hahaha) but the love I have for Perú is huge! so take that Uruguay! Also Nebraska? who knew? turns out it really is like the most underrated state in the history of cool places. I mean it has the college world series AND Perú. what else is there? I´ll probably live there some day. and raise corn with my children. ha. maybe not. But I do want a Perú State Football shirt more than anything.

So this week I learned to be more grateful, and realized that their are reminders to be grateful all over and I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for sending them to me. even if they come in very unexpected ways....

 So yeah, basically that´s it.

 Okay well maybe I should share something spiritual??
 Alma 33:23
Basically,there is one line that I love. It says if we have the desire we can do it. It's refering to the experiment with faith. Well, that has been my thought of the week. That if I have the desire to be a successful missionary I can be. Hna jiménez and I are having a great time. We are working hard trying to find people who will progress and also reactivate Covida. We have so many great laughs along the way and have really strong desires. So God is helping us out with the rest. I just love it because it's like nike, just do it. Well- we want to do it so we are.

So sorry this email is WAY too long. but I love you all so much!!!! almost as much as I love perú- ha nah, basically your all tied....with Jean.


hermana degn

p.s. so if this picture attatches your welcome. We made flan. Aren't I good at plating things? thanks. also don't be too jealous. It tasted terrible. We need more practice. BUUUUT I did make my own basil pesto this week which was to die for delicious. #thanksgiadaathome. Basically all my years of watching the next food network start has come in handy. I am a wizard in the kitchen.... even if the flan experiement didn't come out as well as I had hoped.

 p.s.s. also pictured are my Valentine's Day flowers. Pretty, no?

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