Friday, February 28, 2014

!Buenas dias solicito!

Well first off, I will tell you all about yesterday. Because let´s be honest, it's basically all I can remember hahaha so at church the elders had a family come. And afterward we were so excited to find a family this week. I don't know, it was just cool to see this cute lady with her four kids say, "yeah we are getting baptized the 8th and life is beautiful" and to see them so excited about the gospel. So hna J and I were pumped to get out and find our family. In fact, we have the goal to find one that's even better because the dad in our family is gonna get baptized too. Anyways, basically all of our citas fell through and we were walking past a family in a park. Well, it was like--look a family ah, too late, okay lets just double back and come at them from the other side. (that's not stalkerish at all, we only passed them like three times haha) anyways, we came up to them and the dad said oh yeah sitdown, here's my wife she's the head of our family. So he introduces us to everyone, (sister-in-law, daughter etc) and then says, "So what religion are you from? I saw you walking and you both--besides being beautiful (he did say that like five times, and we are like your wife is right here......) but he told us that we just radiate peace. (Whatt??? really!!!! Yes! it's just like in preach my gospel!) so the he asks us why he should be a mormon. and I thought oooohhhhmyygoshisthisreallyhappening. I have been waiting my whole mission for someone to ask me that question, let me tell you. So we have this super vacan lesson with them there in this park and  I was picturing their baptisms and everything, and then it ended with "We actually don't live here." So how's that for a rough breakup?? yeah, your welcome other missionaries. Thank you for breaking my heart family of seven.

Ha, it was a bit rough, But the good news is we had an awesome lesson, and it just showed J and I that we can do it. TheLord really helps us out once we open our mouths and that we really are doing what we need to be. (I mean hello he said that we radiate peace!) So it was cool. and now we just have even more motivation to go and find the families that really do live in our area.

Right--so to sum up the rest of the week, I think I should start a food blog. Like for reals. After we had a little incident buying meat..... (NEVER AGAIN!) I tell you, the last thing I am going to do is buy this chicken hanging here with its head still connected and then go home and cut it open to cook it and then put it in my mouth.  And that's not even mentioning the flies or the fish. So needless to say now we cook vegetarian and eat out a few times a week to eat meat. But this week I think we ate clams, or mussels??? I am not really sure. But its whatever is inside those black shells that we collect at the beach. Actually they weren't half bad. Regretfully, I didn't have my camera because it was a great photo time. but really do I talk too much about the food? We finally found basil at the market and made margharita pizzas. or J made me tacos. they were delish, but she cracks me up here, like some members made us tacos one day and later in our apartment, "this is NOT a taco" "that is NOT a taco" "this is NOT mexican food" "anything is better than THAT" "if someone served this to me in my home I would be insulted" referring to the rice. hahahaha too funny. Also we spread philadephia cream cheese on them. (the tacos) so I'm confused on what is a taco. Because philadelphia cream cheese is NOT mexican. Also this week we found a super delish schwarma place by our apartment. Like to die for good. and we went there and ate because hello, that's what they do at the end of the Avengers. so it was not only a GREAT meal but we just quoted the Avengers the whole time. Which we decided is basically a church movie because Captian America says there is only one God and he doesn't dress like Thor. speaking of Thor.....some elders here in the district baptized Thor. There is a resemblance, and he is a real swed, plus he only speaks english? and our ward mission leader looks like Tom Cruise. just thought you should know??????

Well I think I have rambled on long enough. But I have decided to not apologize for writing a novel every week. Because I know you are all anxiously awaiting this email so why deprive you of the chance to read and read and read hahahahaha.

 So J and I are still kicking it here in covida. Vacan means cool in castaño, and we are kicking tail and taking names. everyone feel free to send me fan mail! I am all about those letters! I could even go for some hate mail. hahaha

 love you all!

 hermana degn

p.s. shoutout to josh, I don't really think extra credit for mr. crump and rebel belong in the same sentance. #sorrynotsorry. and yes send



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