Monday, March 3, 2014

The worst April fools joke...and it's not even April!!!

So, I've been super pumped for today because we WERE going to go to some super sick ruins and catacombs for the day in Huacho with our zone. Which I was sooo pumped about because A. sick ruins and B. rumor has it they are Jaradite ruins + plus they are the oldest in the history of old c. I was so excited to have pictures of somewhere cool/ pretty/ I would just love a day outside of Lima. Well, last night everything was good to go and J and I were so pumped. So fast forward to this morning when we are at Plaza Norte at 5:30 in the morning waiting for all these elders to show up and no one would answer their phones. Well you want to know why???? Because they were all sleeping! Because they got the call last night from presi that we couldn't really go. But then they all FORGOT TO CALL US! Those punks. Needless to say it was a pretty traumatic let down. Like there were almost tears thats how much I want to see something of the outside world. #soclosebutstillsofar Also perú is the worst because mcdonalds isn't even open that early plus there is no breakfast there! So we cound´t even eat away our sorrows! Well, we ended up just riding our bus until the very very very last stop. Which turned out to be kindaa like a roller coaster because the last twenty minutes the roads aren't paved and its just rocky dirt and a lot of hills and buildings crammed together. So that was kinda fun. only we are still so mad. I took a great picture of our angry faces but I can't send it because we are also at a super super ghetto internet place and yeah let's just say the camera is not coming out. so now i guess we´ll probably just play futbol and hna Jiménez and I are gonna take naps. #aprilfools #itsmarch
So now that we aren't actually doing anything I have my normal email time of two hours. so get comfortable. haha

 This week was great. Still no family family but we had a lot of super hilarious lessons. We have this one investigator Yeder that we've been working with. Well he has problems with the word of wisdom, like--no hermanita i wasn't Drunk, i just had one, maybe two, okay four drinks. What the heck Yeder! You went to church that morning!! (also it is so hard to keep a straight face in our lessons. because he just says the funniest one time he fell in love with his cousin. i know don't ask) So yeah, he had a fecha, semi-passed his interview, and decided to not get baptized. So we dropped him and are now looking for newsies. Silver Lining? My Poker face is a lot better than it was three weeks ago.

Anyways this week I had a cool experience praying. So J and I were both praying about our map to figure out where we should go the next day. Well I was praying and thinking about Enos, and his prayer and the great faith he had. Well I was trying to pray like Enos prayed but you know what? I just don't have all the time in the world to pray for a day and a night and a day and a night and a day and another night and another day.. hahaha you get the picture right, so this thought was going through my head and you know what? I got an answer to a very specific question about where we should be. And then it was the same place that hna Jiménez recieved an answer about too. So that was pretty awesome. We went there the next day, contacted a ton of people. with no results. But you know what my testimony of prayer was really strengthened. A ton. And maybe the next time we do the map prayer we'll find a family that actually wants to listen to us. Stranger things have happened hahaha.

So, basically I think thats about all the higlights/lowlights from here in covida. All in all it was really a great week. For reals. Plus I haven't felt mad in a long time. ha, it was pretty refreshing. So with that, have a great week. p.s. thanks for all the emails. Good thing I had so much time at internet............... sorta.


 Hermana degn



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