Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So, this week was good-ish. ha we had stake conference. which was spiritually rejuvinating. and I learned the hard way to always be a half hour early to my meetings. It was rough. we have the WORST luck with getting places. For instance, Saturday night we went to the sesh, but it was in a capilla in another stake so we leave our area an hour before the conference starts. Right? we tried? Obviously, we did not plan well enough because we got off at the right stop and then proceeded to get soooooo lost! We were wandering around in some foreign city for 45minutes lost. and then we got a call from our dl wondering ^where the heck are you??? I don't care what you have to do just get here!^´ very Guy Patterson when he's trying to find TB player.. if you know what i mean. ha. so we took a taxi who claimed to say he knows where the capilla is. (spoiler alert he doesn't) so after asking for directions (TWICE) he takes us to the church of testigos de jehovah. well, thats awkward. like no um we're mormons. yeah this is where they meet. um no we're mormons and this is Not where we meet. Chambonaso. so and the next half stop we bailed. it was pretty intense. (there is a huge lack of stop signs and stop lights here) but yeah we got out and then took a motor taxi. which, as sketchy as the ride sometimes is, I have way more trust in them.
 And in the end we got there. very fashionably late, (like Peruvian standard time meets Mormon standard time) and this is my official apology to our whole zone who were part of the "you need to be on time lecture" from the pres. It was soo my fault. but kinda not. We have good intentions but somehow we can never make it to anything on time. no matter when we leave. hahaha But I've turned a new leaf. I'm a new person. hahaha I will now try to take the "be on time advice" in Preach My Gospel more seriously.

So, all in all, it was a good week. I think I am getting skin cancer, we stopped and contacted ten families, we are learning to not run from dogs, and have started carrying rocks in our bags. (like parent trap only on purpose. ooh the irony) ha but we are still loving our new area and our new ward. the work is coming along. every one here, okay almost everyone is okay with listening to us. good old peruvians. buut they are not that keen on the progrssing part. or reading the book of mormon part. so we're getting there.
Also the Book of Mormon is so cool. I'm just going to tell you all that my love and appreciation has quadroupled since being here on the mish. and that's about all I got for you for my spiritual thought. haha that the Book of Mormon is true kids. keep on reading it.
Also in news of investigators we have matilde. the only person we inherited from Elder Poole. Well she does not understand that she needs to get baptized. ¨but hermanitas i'm catholic.¨face in palm. you know the book of mormon is true! So yeah we're looking for newsies. hashtag story of my life hahahaha

Also I know you guys are a bit curious about my new living standards. Well you know you're living in the ghetto when you try to clean the walls and instead of washing off the dirt you wash off all the paint, you have buckets under all faucets collecting water, your ceiling is held together by tape, and the sink is slanted??? I know it's wierd. soo while it kinda has this whole jail cell cement wall look going for us now, we're still big fans. mostly because it is two seperate rooms and a hallway! and we have our own bathoroom inside. which I will never get over being thankful for. so thats whats been going on here in Perù.

Also--- hello my best friends are engaged!!!!! And I would just like my future husband to know that I want Kim's ring. yep. that's really all. Why is everyone growing up? that means you Abby.

i love you guys. have a good week.
hermana degn


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