Sunday, April 6, 2014


Sooo not quite the front row seats that you had, but still women´s conference was good. only I had like a killer headache and we watched that super depressing video about growing up in whichJenYoung has a cameo appearance. So that's cool. Only it is depressing and basically I just wanted to be 8 years old again. Also one of the translaters was from Spain.... so I also didn't get too much out of it. But hey I felt the spirit, cried, and so I guess that basically is all that counts. I mean I was hoping we would get to hear from Holland buuut it's fine I love Eyring. haha it was great, we had a small turnout in case you can't tell from this picture.

Other than that this week we found a lot of new people. all of which turned out to be fornicadores. rayos. but we had some pretty cool lessons. this week we really focused on testifying. One of our biggest struggles here is that no one is actually interested in what we have to say but we just testified and as we left they were there reading the book of mormon! So that really blew us away. Testimonies are so cool! and they have so much power in them! They perfectly represent the gospel because as we give it away and share it our testimony is strengthen. Which is such a principle that totally blows me away!

Also, in other news this week we went to immigrations. (for like 40 hours) total headache. literally. I mean it's kinda funny because all of us could speak spanish but they basically just dropped us off with no instructions and hello ,that is a horrible idea!! so by the time we kinda get things figured out we are in a room waiting to get our pictures taken and there is a FAMILY from america that walks in. Well cice and are like oh dang this family needs to be mormon. well theyr're from Indiana and they are here in Perú as missionaries for some church I've never even heard of. I mean for the LOVE! why on earth would you serve a mission for a church that isn't even true??? but we still gave them a folleto, and a book of mormon. Only it was in Spanish and their spanish was terrible. But hey, maybe they will realize that they are crazy, will try to read the book of mormon, feel the spirit and get baptized. miracles happen. and then we got in a car crash and went to mcdonalds. #winning. That bigmac was good. and i'm doing pretty good with my peruvian bucket list. #woof

So that's been my week. also there was a chicken heart in my soup. so basically I think I can now say that I have literally eaten every part of chicken. and yeah, it was gross. cow heart is much better.

 love, hermana degn


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